FIRST 48 HOURS AFTER LABOR & DELIVERY | vlog #40 (Kids meet baby + baby name)

Oh baby Newborn cry* Hello everybody I am alive. I survived. This is what they have given me for lunch: Beef barley soup, some fruit, apple juice, water for tea, and egg salad sandwich There’s Ryan and baby Who do you guys think she looks like? She reminds me of Gabriel. So essentially she looks […]

Childbirth Education Classes

(upbeat pop music) – Hi, my name’s Rebecca Chalmers, I am a Registered Nurse, I work here in the Labor and Delivery department at Saint Mark’s, and I also have the pleasure of teaching the childbirth education classes here. So the benefits of attending a childbirth class series is basically, knowledge is power. So the […]

Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry

– “Expect the arrival of your first grandchild,” what? – [Voiceover] Oh! – What? What? (screaming and laughing) We’re havin’ a baby! – Look at this one. Oh! Are you pregnant? (all screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God! – (screaming and laughing) No kidding! Are you really? Are you really, are you really? Oh! […]

Fathers Describe Birth | Dude Dad

it all started at like midnight it was about 4 a.m. my wife Ashley came in and woke me up and said we gotta go to the hospital now so I go okay I was binge watching making a murderer and I said that’s great alright I’m going to get a little bit more sleep […]

Labor and Delivery Tips for Dads –

Daddy Brad:  Welcome back the Lab. I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay:  And I’m Daddy Clay, and this is our lead cameraman and editor, Danny, who, despite having worked for us for, what, about a year? Danny:  Year and a half. Clay:  Year and a half is going to be a dad himself. Brad:  Daddy Danny! […]


(heart beating) – [Adam] Hang in there baby. (upbeat music) Alright, y’all, we’re at the hospital. (groans) – We’re here for a tour. – Yeah. – Yes. – I know that might’ve freaked you guys out but, no, that’s not the case yet. We’re comin’ to the hospital to get a proper tour so that […]


carseat my bag which apparently according to YouTube is actually fairly small back scope I’m not trying to be all high-maintenance and then I got my camera bag of course don’t mind my Taco Bell bag filled with trash and I got my tripod just think easier psychobos film so sorry about the bad lighting […]

My Birth Stories!

(mellow guitar music) – Hi, it’s me, Jessica. I am 33 weeks pregnant right now and I am about to have my fifth experience with childbirth, so (laughs) I wanted to share with you guys my previous labor and delivery stories and experiences and answer some questions. I’m on a bunch of message boards right […]

Labor Pains – When Should I Go to the Hospital?!?

when you tell him something to the camera but I’ll always remember on this day that he’s born on a special birthday dancing unique could be burn on my birthday it’s almost 1:00 a.m. on May 11th we’re thinking it’s go time folks how much of a good time is it you were like oh […]

Our Birth Story! | Mory June Page | Jordan from Millennial Moms

– It’s baby day! Yaay. (upbeat ukulele music) (lips kissing) I’m being induced today, and yes, yes I’m getting ready. I’m gonna get all dolled up, and I’m not even ashamed about it. Once you have a newborn, you basically don’t shower for like a month. So I’m going to enjoy this last moment, and […]