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Giving Birth and Then Getting Out of the Hospital!

Yesterday the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton deliver her third child a. >>[APPLAUSE]>>A healthy baby boy. The baby is waving at us. Alongside her husband prince William introduce them to the world and believe or not the Royal family is already back at Kensington Palace because Kate leave the hospital just 7 hours after giving […]

Seth Meyers Recalls Son’s Birth: It Was A ‘Horror Show’

– You may have noticed that I said in the five years my wife and I dated before we got married, the only mistake, the only mistake I made with my wife, is that I made her wait five years before I married her. That is too long for a woman of her caliber. I […]

Giving Birth behind Bars

Picture this scenario a woman shackled to a hospital bed giving birth as a guard with a gun drawn stands nearby Twelve thousand pregnant women are behind bars every year in the us and many may experience a similar fate We’re about to give you an inside look at what it’s like to give birth […]

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