Labor and Delivery Tips for Dads –

Daddy Brad:  Welcome back the Lab. I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay:  And I’m Daddy Clay, and this is our lead cameraman and editor, Danny, who, despite having worked for us for, what, about a year? Danny:  Year and a half. Clay:  Year and a half is going to be a dad himself. Brad:  Daddy Danny! […]

Epidural for Labor and Birth

Ari Brown:  I’m Doctor Ari Brown with the Four‑One‑One on epidurals. With me today I have Miranda, our mom to be who is about to deliver, and Doctor Steve Rutman who is the chief of anesthesiology at Seton Medical Center in Austin Texas. Doctor Rutman, first of all we want you to demonstrate where and […]

Doula Massages for Labor Pain

Ari Brown:  I’m Dr. Ari Brown with the 411 on childbirth positions. With me today, we have Miranda, mom to be, who’s about to deliver any moment now. We have Ame Shillington, who is a certified doula at the Get Babied Doula Collective in Austin, and we have Shelley Scotka, who is a childbirth educator […]

The Fertility Doctor: Conception, Pregnancy and Fertility – Video

BRAD You’ve been “trying” for a while now. The Biological clock is ticking. But still no pregnancy. CLAY Is it time to seek out as fertility specialist? BRAD Today’s episode is brought to you by the BabyBjorn baby carrier original spirit. You know Daddy Clay, I wonder if just wearing one of these makes you […]

A Smooshfoot History: Pregnancy Tests Through The Ages – Video

BILL SMOOSHFOOT: Finding out if a woman is pregnant is not a function of chemistry. It is a matter of observation. Her natural cycles are disrupted, her menses. She grows gravid. Nothing comes to mind quite so quickly when considering a pregnant woman as the noble opossum. These ladies that you see walking about with […]

Hot Dad Action: Pregnancy Test Fail – Video

JODI: Uh, honey? Um, I’ve been feeling a little different lately and I’ve started to think I might be… OWEN: Hungry. Yeah, me, too. Tacos? What do you think? JODI: Uh, no. OWEN: Constipated? Ok, no problem. I get it. No tacos. JODI: Pregnant. I think I might be pregnant. OWEN: What? Why would you […]