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More Than Friends

– I have applied to 26 jobs this week. – Okay, where? Where did you apply? – Um, Craigslist, my– – No, Ethan, pesticides you can’t eat those before you wash them, no. Applying for jobs online is like throwing your resume in a trashcan. Ethan are you listening to me? You gotta see if […]

Guy Asks Acapella Bandmate To Prom On America’s Got Talent

What’s your name? We are one voice and where you from we’re from Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee What is it that you do? We are an acapella group? So we all perform together? How do you all know each other [we] go to the same high school really we have football players um people use […]

11 Types of Student Relationships

[Captions by Y Translator] Hey Kev, are you sure it’s fish in the sea, and not sea in the fish? I’m pretty sure it’s fish in the sea, man. Fish in the semen? There’s no fish in semen. Oh, she’s here. Gotta Go. TYPES OF STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS Hey Denise, you’re early. Oh, yeah, I’ve decided […]