Pregnancy Week 11-12 | Adventures of Alcaraz Ep. 13

– Welcome to the Adventures of Alcaraz Podcast (laughs). My name is Julian Alcaraz. – And I’m Miranda Alcaraz. And this is week 11 to 12 – Wow– – Of our pregnancy podcast. – So we’re like, a fourth, over a fourth, of the way done. – Mmh. – It’s pretty wild. It’s been a […]

Pregnant CrossFitter: Eight Months And Still Lifting Weights

00:01 KATJA: Life does not stop when you’re pregnant and its not an illness. 00:12 COMM: Most women would say pregnancy is the time to take it easy, but not Kat Harjanne, the weight lifting fanatic from Brighton, continues to lit 100 kilograms weights despite being less than 2 months from her due date 00:26 […]

Pregnant And Pumping Iron: Fitness Instructor Deadlifts 205lbs

EMILY BREEZE WATSON: My due date is five days from now and I just deadlifted 205lbs today. COMM: Pregnant weightlifter Emily Breeze Watson could go to labor at any moment, and the lead up to the birth has been anything but relaxing. EMILY BREEZE WATSON: I just CrossFit six times a week. CrossFit includes cardio, […]