Types of Fetal Positions – OSCE Guide

قبل الولادة وضع الجنيني قد يختلف Before labor the baby can be in a number of different positions ويمكن توقع هذه الوضع من خلال فحص بطن الحامل These positions could be predicted by a thorough pregnant abdominal examination في العرض الطولي يمكن أن يكون الجنين إما خرق أو رأسي In a longitudinal presentation the baby […]

Meghan Markle baby: Why Meghan’s age could mean she will give birth ahead of her due date

  baby watchers all over the world are patiently waiting for news of the royal baby’s arrival Soon-to-be parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have revealed the due date to be around late April or at the very beginning of May, meaning the little one could be born imminently The 37-year-old Duchess is going through […]

Could I Feel Pregnancy Symptoms Early?

I’ve felt really off lately. Could I feel pregnancy symptoms early? Some women start suffering from morning sickness before the pregnancy test is positive. They go in reporting a flu bug only to be told it is a nine month ordeal. So my queasiness could be an early sign of a pregnancy. Or it could […]

Meghan Fashion – Meghan Markle’s due date could be sooner than we think as George Clooney drops hug

 Mr Clooney described Meghan as “seven months pregnant” as he warned Prince Harry’s wife was being “pursued and vilified”, comparing her treatment to that of Princes Diana The hint suggests that Meghan’s baby could be born earlier in April than previously thought The Hollywood actor – who is close friends with the Sussexes – said: […]