Painless Childbirth Understanding comfort techniques

For generations women have relied on tried-and-true comfort measures and loving support to cope with labor discomfort In this chapter Understanding comfort techniques you’ll learn an assortment of time-honored Natural pain relief methods that work by engaging your mind and body One very effective comfort measure is the use of breathing to reduce discomfort? While […]

Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?

Dr: Is there anything you’re seeing on your face that you would like to improve? Eugene: How much time do we have? Keith: I’ve had way more insecurities about my body and physique than my face. Zach: My forehead is a little too big, I don’t like my chin, my jaw is very soft. I […]

What type of dental work is safe to do during pregnancy?

Hi, I’m Dr. Holly Austgen from Southeast Family Dental and today I’m going to talk about dental work and pregnancy. This topic is especially relevant to me because at this point I am four days out from my due date so we’re hoping I make it through this video without any crazy water breaking or […]