Immediate vs Delayed Pushing During Second Stage of Labor

The second stage of labor, defined as the interval from complete cervical dilation through delivery of the baby, is a critical period for both mother and child. A prolonged second stage is associated with adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. The two most common approaches to managing the 2nd stage of labor are immediate pushing, where […]

Contractions Labor How to Check? Premature Labor Birth Contractions Pregnant Labor

How to Check for Contractions Premature Labor (Preterm Labor) Checking for contractions is a key way of spotting early labor. 1 Place your fingertips on your abdomen. 2 If you feel your uterus tightening and softening, that’s a contraction. 3 Time your contractions. Write down the time when a contraction starts, and write down the […]


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Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Massage

Another pain coping technique, that women in labor seem to really respond well to, is touch. This is something that your partner is going to need to do more, you can’t really do this to yourself. Women in labor usually like a really firm touch. They want to be massaged deep and slow. Most women […]

Childbirth Environment : Labor Pain Relief: Music & Sound

So another thing that comes up when women are thinking about birth environment are music and sound. When we think of sound, it can just be sounds of nature so sometimes just walking outside in your backyard can nice. So it can be really nice, you just get outside and enjoy nature and listen to […]

False Labor vs. True Labor – Childbirth Education

Hi, my name is Wendy Nichols. I’m a registered nurse and the childbirth instructor for Signature Medical Group. Today we’re gonna talk about labor: false labor vs. true labor Braxton Hicks contractions, otherwise known as false labor are a tightening sensation or contractions that are happening only in the front of your abdomen you’ll feel […]


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Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth

So, when talking about birth environment, you want to think about your ideal, and birth environment. And, one of those things is going to include who you want at your birth. Before I get to that, I want you to think about what would be your ideal birth environment. Take a couple of minutes, write […]

Preterm Labor Signs & Symptoms – Childbirth Education

Hi, I’m Wendy Nichols. I’m a registered nurse and the childbirth instructor for Signature Medical Group. Today we’re gonna talk about pre-term labor: signs and symptoms to report to your OB physician Pre-term labor is categorized as signs and symptoms of labor prior to your 37th week of pregnancy Babies born too soon can have […]

How to Know You’re in Labor : How to Time Contractions

So once you think you are in labor and your contractions are getting closer together and lasting for longer, you want to start timing your contractions. You do not need to time every single contraction and you really do not have to sit there and get a pad of paper and write each one down. […]