I predicted the exact time of my daughter’s birth using science and data – from Just For Graphs

So, er, I became a dad recently. (Audience cheer) Thanks so mu – I mean, it was easy. (laughs) for me, anyway. Um, I… Stop trying to check Matt’s Maths! I’m going to turn this round. No, sorry, I’m not going to be upstaged by a square. And that thing that he drew. Um… (laughs) […]

Stages of Labor : First Stage Labor Transition Activities

So this is what to do when you’re in transition. As for the support person, guess what? Support, that’s a really, really important thing. This is when women want to give up, they want to be done, they want the epidural and they want the baby out no matter how it’s gotten out. But they’re […]

OUR LABOR & DELIVERY STORY|| Premature Rupture of Membranes & Cord Wrapped around Baby’s Neck!

like and subscribe and at the notifications button Hi everyone, today I have Garrett and this is Jace so Jace is actually 3 months old now, And I know you guys are probably like “what the heck?”but this video took me a while to sit down and do today we’re doing my labor and delivery […]

How to Know You’re in Labor : Going Into Labor: Sequence of Events

So you think you are in labor, here are some ways to know for sure if you are in labor or not. The main way to know is contractions, are your contractions getting closer together and are they lasting longer? If this is happening, these are “progressive contractions” and you are in labor. If your […]

How to Know You’re in Labor : Signs of Going Into Labor: Losing the Mucus Plug

Another sign that labor is coming close is the losing of the mucus plug. That is also called a bloody show or bloody discharge. So what it is, is you have the uterus and then you have your cervix, and your cervix has an actual mucus plug that closes it up. This prevents any bacteria […]

The Stages of Labor Pre labour signs women in labour

Pre-labor signs are signals that your body is getting ready for labor These are physical and hormonal changes that usually happen anytime from weeks to hours before you go into labor During the last months of pregnancy you will most likely feel, some warm-up contractions also, called braxton-hicks contractions These contractions are caused, by the […]

Emotional Labor and Delivery Vlog (2018) Huge Scare! Natural Water Birth To C-Section

You Okay guys, so it is happening we are Getting ready to go down to the burst Center Lisa is changing I will not say I will not show you her right now, but she is having contractions a Lot who actually goes when we get in the car. We’ll update you guys again, maybe […]

36 Weeks Pregnant Preterm Labor Going into Labor What Happens if My Baby Is Born Early?

What Happens if My Baby Is Born Early? Premature Labor About one in 10 babies born in the U.S. are preemies. Most preemies do well as they get older and catch up to their full-term peers in time. But these kids do have a higher risk of problems. Premature babies grow more slowly than babies […]

Health Talk How To – What do labor pains feel like?

(upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Debra Migues. I’m one of the childbirth educators here at Rapides Regional Medical Center. And the question is, what do contractions feel like? During contractions, the abdomen becomes very hard. Between contractions, the uterus relaxes and the abdomen becomes soft. The way a contraction feels is different for […]