Sextina Aquafina – Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus (Bojack Horseman – Abortion Song)

So I’m dropping a new single. -What? – ♪ Surprise! ♪ -New single? -Just relax. Crack an egg on your head, feel the yolk drip down. America, get your uteruses turnt, ’cause this song is called “Get Dat Fetus Kill Dat Fetus.” Oh, dear. ♪ I’m a baby killer Baby killing makes me horny ♪ […]

Coneheads (4/10) Movie CLIP – The Birth Spasm Has Begun (1993) HD

Greetings. Greetings, my genetomate. How was your day Ferrying humans across the grid? [ cones hum ] acceptable. Tips could have been better. Ahh! The impending cone prepares For its emergence. Ahh! Ahh! [knock on door] [knocking] It’s khoudri. Ahh! Welcome, my employer and landlord. Beldar, forgive my intrusion. Rhavi is sick. Can you work […]

I predicted the exact time of my daughter’s birth using science and data – from Just For Graphs

So, er, I became a dad recently. (Audience cheer) Thanks so mu – I mean, it was easy. (laughs) for me, anyway. Um, I… Stop trying to check Matt’s Maths! I’m going to turn this round. No, sorry, I’m not going to be upstaged by a square. And that thing that he drew. Um… (laughs) […]

[CC] 초면에 사랑합니다, The Secret Life of My Secretary, EP10 (1/3)

Mr. Do Min Ik? Who are you? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Veronica Park. You are Veronica Park? Awesome. We end up meeting each other for the first time at a place like this. For the first time? Are you saying… that you’re Veronica Park, and we just met for the first time here? […]

Birth Control Methods Keep Getting Weirder

*laughing* Hey did you guys know that Sarah is so afraid of getting pregnant That she’s on the pill but she still takes plan B Like all the time well its only 50 dollars a pop so I feel like that’s worth for the piece of mind Totally Which is why Barry and I are […]

Discover the Birth of Halloween as We Know It – Drunk History

Hello. I’m Tess Lynch, and tonight we’re going to learn about the mother of Halloween. [dark chuckle] Mrs. Elizabeth Krebs. [cackles] [gulps] [continues cackling] Freaking me out. You’re freaking me out. Wow.In the early decades of the 20th century,Halloween was celebrated in a far different way.This was 1912 in Hiawatha, Kansas,and groups of kids would […]

Elders React to Men Giving Birth

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (woman screaming and groaning) Oh dear. Oh my god. Having babies? (in video: speaking Dutch) Well, they’ll never experience it. Like you guys will ever know. Ooh. They’re gonna hook these guys up to make them feel pain, huh? (gasps) Awesome! Oh, you guys are in for it! Too corny for […]

Danielle Brooks On What to Eat When You’re Pregnant | A Little Bit Pregnant | Netflix Family

– I’m Danielle Brooks, and this is “A Little Bit Pregnant.” Each episode, I’m talking to the experts, to moms and dads about pregnancy, parenthood, and everything in between. To Eat Or Not To Eat? That is the question. My favorite part about being pregnant is basically I eat what I want to eat. But […]

Miranda Sings Gives Birth On The Stephen Colbert Show To A Hairy Squash

The Birth of Mansplaining (Cavemansplaining)

(upbeat percussion music) – Bunga make fire? – Yes, Bunga make fire. – Bunga should use spark rock to make sparks. – Bunga using spark rock. – To start fire, Bunga should use fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga has fluff grass and tree skin. – Bunga should not use itch leaves. – Bunga […]