The Pixie and the Mosh Pit (Ep. 5) | Fantasy High

– “Johnny, we gotta do it, man. “They’re gonna get away!” – I’d like to rip a sick U-turn. – The car fully fishtails and flips. (tires screeching) – Stand dead center of the highway, trying to like, watching his motorcycle move. (imitating motorcycle crash) – Johnny is over the handlebars, (makes crashing noises) Johnny […]

Filming Your Pregnancy Announcement

– [Man] What’s this, babe? – [Woman] Open it, babe. – It’s not my birthday. – [Woman] Just open it. (upbeat music) – Jesus Christ, did my son get someone pregnant? – No, dumbass, I’m pregnant. It’s like you’re old, so it’s just a really great joke. I’m the young, cute mom, and you’re the […]

If Google Was A Guy

Next! Hello, there. Is today tomorrow New Zealand? …Yes. Foot same-length Europe? What? Inch… Same length Europe?! *groans* (under breath) Oh, God. What is “Bitcoin”? Butthole! *kid chuckles* Gross fat butthole dick poop! Is that what kids are into these days? Are your parents home? Miss Pippy. You mean, “Mississippi”? Hey. I’m not a […]

What Is the Worst Way to Announce a Pregnancy? | RANK ROOM

– Hello, and welcome to the Rank Room. This is a game show where we try to answer life’s most important questions. Today’s question is: What is the worst way to announce a pregnancy? (dramatic music) Today I’m joined by Michael Trapp, – An expert at living. – Rekha Shankar, – Expert at living. – […]

The Wrong Way to Reveal Your Pregnancy Test | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) – What’s up? – Nothing. Keep eating. – Did you do something to my food? – There might be a little surprise in there. – Oh, what’s that? – What is it? – Is that a pregnancy test? What the fuck? – Surprise! I’m not pregnant. – What the fuck? – I’m, […]