Family Feuds + Forgiveness 💞 | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

– I don’t call her. You keep dogging me. – You’re mad that I don’t wanna– (shouting) – You don’t even tell your family the truth! – Buy somewhere else ’cause you’re not even welcome here. – [Blonde Woman] You don’t even tell the truth. – Your mom’s the (beep) one, every (beep) time. – […]

Best Of Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus’ Most Memorable Moments | MTV

(giggling) – [Briana] Hi, I’m Briana. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and then moved to Orlando, Florida when I was 10 with my mom, older sister and our dog, Prince. Hi, Prince! I’ve always been a good student. I even graduated high school a year ahead of my class. (cheers) I’m really looking […]

My Poetry Teacher

Ummmm.. I’ll take school facts for $800, Alex. [Reads text on clue] Oh. Oh, man. What is… poetry? I’m sorry Jeff, but the correct answer is all of them. They’re all useless. In my first video, I didn’t have enough time to say this, but I HATE it when people are “cool” with their teachers. […]

Researching Childbirth Practices in Spain: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

I am here in Barcelona this summer with Paul Grima, who is a fellow student of mine, studying the higher rates of cesarean sections across Spain. We have been working with professors at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. While there we have been interviewing the students to try to get an understanding of the youthful perspective of […]

My Teachers

Jeff, you have the board. Ummm… I’ll take Random James Trivia for $400, Alex. (( u can read right? )) Oh! I know this one. What is a male prostitute? (james XD) Ok, that bit’s done now. Male prostitute was never a career goal. Well, I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY off the table. You never […]

Cole’s Confrontation | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(midtempo guitar music) – [Chelsea] Cole’s on his way home with Aubree, and I’m anxious to hear what happened. (Watson crying) Hey, look at me. (Watson cries) (sighing) – [Aubree] Buddy? (door slams) (dog barking) (Watson crying) – Hi. – [Aubree] Hi. What’s wrong? Here, you want to play this? (Aubree mumbling) – Aubree, will […]

Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

– Hello, guys! – I’m sure you’re wondering why we look like carbon copies of each other. – Brooklyn and Brooklyn. – Yes. – Instead of Brooklyn and Bailey. – So essentially, this video is going to be us, identical twins, swapping places in the middle of something that we’re doing with our friends, to […]

The Perfect Defense: The Oral Defense of a Dissertation

I’m Dr. Valerie Balester, I am the executive director of the University Writing Center. I am an English professor with a specialization in rhetoric and composition in other words in writing. I was thinking about it before today, I have been on at least 60 and probably 75 defenses, and not all in english: in […]


– Valentine’s Day, right around the corner. Whether you love it or you hate it, it’s happening. And the theme of today’s revealing your secrets is (drumroll) Valentine’s Day. Feedback says that people finish watching these episodes and feel better about themselves, which is good and bad. Must we hear about the tragedy of others […]