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Hi everybody. I am Melissa. Welcome back to This show is the fourth show in a series we’ve been running on the important building blocks of a healthy pregnancy diet and this show is about calcium. Your growing baby when you’re pregnant needs calcium to develop healthy heart, muscles and nerves and you wanna […]

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Hi everyone, I’m Melissa. Welcome back to CloudMom. Today I’m answering a question from a YouTube viewer, I hope I say your name correctly. Vanita Mishra, on YouTube has asked, “What are the pros and cons of getting a C-section?” This is a great question, I’m so glad that you asked this. There have been […]

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Hi everybody! Melissa here. Welcome back to CloudMom. I have a great question from Heidi about breast milk and she writes that she has a two-year-old son who she always tried to breastfeed, but felt like she didn’t quite have the right information to make it work or like she wasn’t doing it right. And […]