Wicca sacrifices dead fetuses?! – BatShitCrazy Zone!

let’s let’s talk about the bloody truth about abortion in Wicca witchcraft let’s let’s talk about how that relates to this subject doctor Scott Jack Paola traveling through much dimensional not only paranoia and delusions he is a journey in 2001 just landed his bounds that surely should your next the batch degrees are you […]

Fetus Testifies In Ohio

this episode of the young texans brought to you by audible dot com everybody’ll but at audible podcast dot com slash t y t the question pro-life group in ohio is uh… planning to bring about testimony uh… nine week-old fees perfect so i wanted to do that what’s the point other found that it […]

Myomectomy Vaginal Fibroid Removal PreOp® Patient Engagement – Education #cancer, #women

On the day of your operation, you will be asked to put on a surgical gown. You may receive a sedative by mouth and an intravenous line may be put in. You will then be transferred to the operating table. To perform this procedure, your doctor will need unobstructed access to your uterus, so your […]

I Wanna Be a Midwife · A Day In The Life Of A Midwife

They’re so cute. There’s nothing more incredible than the creation and birth of new life and if you’re a mother or expecting mother you’ll know there’s one person you can’t do it without, your midwife. Midwives ensure that both mum and baby are healthy and safe right from conception all the way through to birth […]

Vasectomy – Penis Surgery – Patient Education Male Medical Video, HandWashing, Gloving

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo a Vasectomy. But what exactly does that mean? Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that serves as birth control by permanently cutting off the flow of sperm to the penis. In adult males, sperm is continually produced in the testicles, or testis. Both testicles are contained in the scrotum […]

Mastectomy Total Breast Surgery PreOp® Patient Education Medical Videos

Your doctor has recommended that you have a total mastectomy. But what does that actually mean? Total Mastectomy is the removal of the breast. In most cases, mastectomy is required in order to remove cancerous tissue from the body. The extent of tissue removed is determined by the amount of cancer present in your body. […]

If Going To The Gynecologist Were Honest

(whip smacking) (creaking) (knocking) – Hi. The doctor will be in with you shortly. Um, well it could be five minutes, it could be 20 minutes, I’m really just guessing. – Well thank you for moving me from that larger waiting room into this smaller one. And for putting me in this thin, sheet-like, piece […]

Myomectomy Vaginal Fibroid Removal Surgery PreOp® Patient Education HD

Your gynecologist has recommended that you undergo surgery to remove vaginal fibroids. But what does that actually mean? The uterus is part of a woman’s reproductive system – it’s the organ that contains and protects a growing fetus during pregnancy. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow from the inner or outer wall of the uterus. […]

Wheelchair and Pregnant | Week 12 Ultrasound

Good morning everyone! We are headed out to our next ultrasound today We are officially 12 weeks. We are excited to see the baby again. It’s been about 4 weeks since we’ve seen anything. I read online that you may be able to hear the heartbeat at 4 weeks, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed […]

The Fertility Doctor: Conception, Pregnancy and Fertility – Video

BRAD You’ve been “trying” for a while now. The Biological clock is ticking. But still no pregnancy. CLAY Is it time to seek out as fertility specialist? BRAD Today’s episode is brought to you by the BabyBjorn baby carrier original spirit. You know Daddy Clay, I wonder if just wearing one of these makes you […]