Everything Wrong With Genesis 3 in the Bible

At this point, we’ve already heard two radically different Creation stories. But why stop there when you can spread a myth even further? Introducing: Adam and Eve. And a talking snake. Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, Did God […]

The Birth of the Church, Part 1 (Acts 2:1-3)

How wonderful to be together tonight, if only everyone understood how important this particular portion of Scripture is. We don’t pass this way very often. That is through the beginning of the second chapter of Book of Acts. Only once in the last 45 years have we gone through these verses, and here we are […]

Fetus Testifies In Ohio

this episode of the young texans brought to you by audible dot com everybody’ll but at audible podcast dot com slash t y t the question pro-life group in ohio is uh… planning to bring about testimony uh… nine week-old fees perfect so i wanted to do that what’s the point other found that it […]

Natural (Unmedicated) Labor & Delivery Vlog – Part 1

Natural (Unmedicated) Labor & Delivery Vlog – Part 1

Meet The Carolina Pregnancy Center

This one over here is a great story to tell. This little girl would have been aborted had her mom not chosen adoption, and chosen life. And now her mom volunteers here on Wednesday afternoons, and her dad is one of our mentors with the men’s program. We’re here to help women and families that […]

Ellen Has a Big Surprise for Viral McDonald’s Pranksters

If you watch my show, you know that I love pranks. I like scaring people, and I like making celebrities wear an ear piece. And I tell them to say things. And they can only do whatever I tell them to do. I love hiding Andy’s phone and watching him have a panic attack. And […]


Hey guys Trying to hide from Nia. Everybody’s up early. I just got home from work I was hoping everybody would be sleeping because I got some big plans this morning. So I’ve had this dream about Announcing Nia’s pregnancy to her. I wanted to find out before she does and well last night at […]