16 Bizarre Birth Defects

Black Fly Presents 16 Bizarre Birth Defects Number One: Infant Roona Begum from Tripura India was conceived with Hydrocephalus. Her head developed up to 94 centimeters in circumference and she went through treatment and surgery. Hydrocephalus is an uncommon issue otherwise called “water on the brain.” It is regular in newborn children however it can […]

Giving Birth behind Bars

Picture this scenario a woman shackled to a hospital bed giving birth as a guard with a gun drawn stands nearby Twelve thousand pregnant women are behind bars every year in the us and many may experience a similar fate We’re about to give you an inside look at what it’s like to give birth […]

Fetus Testifies In Ohio

this episode of the young texans brought to you by audible dot com everybody’ll but at audible podcast dot com slash t y t the question pro-life group in ohio is uh… planning to bring about testimony uh… nine week-old fees perfect so i wanted to do that what’s the point other found that it […]

Pregnancy With A Disability

Being pregnant for the first time may seem very daunting. Being pregnant for the first time with a disability may seem very overwhelming and challenging. I’m Gem, and I am a disability lifestyle blogger on a channel called Wheels No Heels, and today I’m going to be sharing with you my story of pregnancy and […]

St Mary’s Children’s Surgery – Essentia Health

Guys Experience Labor Pain Simulation Reaction

*Dancing* Yeah this is Reaction time (sings) ♫ Let me introduce myself ♫ ♫ He Heeeee ♫ (beautiful singing) *punches Tal* *looks* *goofy faces* Alright guys today we are gonna watch “Men try labor pain simulation” So they are basically getting the same experience That women get Except there is no baby that is actually […]

How to Know You’re in Labor : Going Into Labor: Sequence of Events

So you think you are in labor, here are some ways to know for sure if you are in labor or not. The main way to know is contractions, are your contractions getting closer together and are they lasting longer? If this is happening, these are “progressive contractions” and you are in labor. If your […]