EQM – “Eu estava lá para resolver uma situação” | NDE – “I was there to solve a situation”

Welcome to the channel “After all, what are we?” Maria Sonia, 32 years old had a daughter of 10 when she got pregnant again. The pregnancy was super quiet, but at the time of childbirth things got complicated and she had an NDE. And it was during this NDE that she realized something was going […]

Childbirth | from Sex, Explained on Netflix

[narrator] This is a stretch test, which engineers use to measure the strength and stretchiness of materials, like rubber. But here, it’s testing something different: tissue from a human cervix. The cervix is the gate between a woman’s uterus and her vagina. It blocks anything, -like a penis, from going any further up. -[whistle blows] [narrator] And […]

孕婦模擬分娩、催生劑注射 – Simulation of Childbirth

Роды при ножном предлежании плода © fetus according

The allowance for Tsovyanov with leg presentation of the fetus complications of childbirth with leg presentation are much more common than with gluteal this is due to the fact that the legs are not prepare the birth canal for the subsequent birth of a larger shoulder girdle and heads incomplete opening of the uterine pharynx […]

Роды при тазовом предлежании плода © Childbirth with pelvic presentation of the fetus

The classic manual for pelvic presentation of the fetus To manual classic manual start from the moment when the fetus was born to the lower corner of the anterior scapula manual grant methodology first moment release of the posterior handle of the fetus the following rules must be observed every pen they release the obstetrician […]

The Lancet Campaign to End Preventable Stillbirths

Of the 2.6 million stillbirths every year 98% happen in low and middle-income countries two thirds in fact in Africa and Asia. Shockingly also in high-income countries this is a disproportionate burden. So for example in the States there are more than 20,000 still births every year, more than the number of babies who die […]

Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth

How to Keep Black Mothers Healthy During and After Childbirth

>>BIRD: All of us, regardless of gender, race or circumstance, should be able to live a life defined by our dreams, not our limitations. For many black women, our pursuit of these dreams is impacted by our morbidity. Morbidity is defined as the condition of being diseased. This is a word that describes the reality […]

Talking to family about having a home birth. Turn skeptics to supporters.

Hi, welcome to well rounded momma’s YouTube channel today. Sarah and I would like to talk to you about how to talk to your family about having a home birth. We get that question a lot because obviously it’s super mainstream to have your baby in the hospital and so when a couple comes in […]

Childbirth Education with MorrelleMcLaurin.com

As mothers, we hold on to our childbirth experiences for the rest of our lives. From the beginning, we plan pregnancy announcements and gender reveals. We research the safest car seat and buy the best baby carrier. From bottles to breast pumps, we prepare our worlds for our little one. But how often do we […]