What should I do if my baby is stillborn? – New York Birth Injury Lawyer

Speaker 1: The following is brought to you by the law office of Gersowitz Libo & Korek. Michael Fruhling: If you’re a parent of a stillborn child, I think there are a few things that you should do. One, seeing a grief counsellor or reaching out to an organization that deals with parents that have […]

Unplanned C-Section | Labor & Delivery | Parents

An unplanned C-Section is not always an emergency C-Section. An emergency C-Section is one that has to happen right away because we’re worried about mom, or baby, or both. Some examples would be if mom is suddenly bleeding, or if we’re worried the baby is not getting enough oxygen. An unplanned C-Section is one where […]


(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so like, he just flew out. I might as well include his […]

Signs of Real vs. False Labor | Labor & Delivery | Parents

You will definitely know when you go into labor. Labor is characterized by very painful contractions that come on a very regular basis. They may start off far apart, they may be 45 minutes or an hour apart and you won’t be sure if you’re getting the next one. But if you are going into […]

What to Expect in a C-Section | Labor & Delivery | Parents

A C-Section is surgical delivery of the baby. It lasts about 45 minutes. So once its been decided that you’re having a C-Section. The first thing is to make sure that you have adequate pain control. If you already have an epidural, you’ll be given extra medication through the same epidural to make you even […]

Birth Stories Unmedicated Childbirth | Parents

When I went to the doctor for my checkup to see if everything was going okay or if they had to induce me, I went in and they told me I was 4 cm dilated and had a contraction that I didn’t know. I was due on July 31st and nothing was happening. So, I […]

Mechanism of Normal Labor

Hello! Today I am going to describe mechanism of normal labor Before I begin I will define mechanism of normal labor It is defined as a series of movements undergone by the fetal head during its passage through the maternal pelvis so that the smallest diameter of the fetal head passes through the largest diameter […]

Vaginal birth after cesarean, VBAC – Summa Health

A lot of women believe that once you had a c-section you always have to have a c-section But here at Summa, and even nationwide we don’t believe that. If you’ve had a c-section before and you desire to have a natural birth this time, you should talk to your provider about why you had […]

CAE Fidelis Lucina A better childbirth simulator (Con subtítulos en Español.)

Второй период родов, период изгнания © Second stage of Labour

second stage of labor second stage of labor, stage of expulsion starts from the moment of complete disclosure of the cervix and ends with the birth of a fetus requires constant monitoring of the doctor for the condition of the woman and the fetus the most important part of the birth canal is the pelvis […]