Human Papillomavirus | HPV | Nucleus Health

Human Papilloma viruses, also called HPVs, make up a group of over 100 related viruses that infect people. Most HPVs can cause common skin warts, usually on the hands or feet. However, about 40 types of HPV affect the genitals, which are the sex organs on the outside of the body. These HPVs cause the […]

Pap Smear Procedure [ENG SUB]

Okay, Good morning to our viewers! Because there are still women who are afraid to undergo an examination Wherein, it can prevent different diseases in the uterus. we have decided to visit the clinic of Dr. Stephanie Supan Our OB gynecologist at St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City. To show you how fast and easy […]

Dr. Doe’s Pelvic Exam

Today I’m getting a pelvic exam. Doctor Blake gave us permission to film the whole thing so that you know how to prepare, what to expect, and when to come back. In 2014 the American College of Physicians determined that annual, once-a-year pelvic exams we’re doing more harm than good. Their vote was appointment as […]

10 Birth Control Methods From History

Our ancestors tried and tested a whole variety of methods to prevent pregnancy. From animal intestine condoms, to bleach douching, to crocodile dung spermicide, here are 10 Horrifying Birth Control Methods From History that you definitely shouldn’t try at home. 10. LEMON DIAPHRAGM When life gives you lemons, put them up your vagina… Well, that’s […]

Birth Control Pills

A series of events called the menstrual cycle happens about once every month to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. Changing levels of natural chemicals in the bloodstream called called hormones control these events. The reproductive organs affected by these hormones include: the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. The ovaries produce two main […]

Pregnancy & Birth: Labor Induction

the earliest point in pregnancy that someone can be induced is it did you say 39 weeks that I hear or so if it’s medically indicated inductions that we’re talking about those can occur unfortunately as early as 23 or 24 weeks if we have a mother whose life is in danger or a baby […]

An “Inside” Look at Menstrual Cups

So… Let’s get started and talk all about anatomy. Our lovely cervix. How that plays into using a menstrual cup and how other things come into play – like the bladder and the rectum and just how to put this thing in. So, let’s just get right to it. Now this is a representation of […]

Parenting Tips: A Natural Childbirth

Being able to have a natural childbirth was the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful experience I could ever have dreamed of and imagined. It certainly wasn’t easy. It was so worth it. And I was so aware of what was going on with him and in my body, and I was so in tune with it. […]

How to Measure Your Cervix Length and Why?

Hi everyone. Today I am going to do a video on what is your Cervix, why you should measure or should not measure and how to measure while picking up a menstrual cup because there are just so many questions that I receive and there are so many posts on Facebook groups that I read […]

Maternity Care (US Navy, 1963)

[Music] [Narrator:] When you are in your ninth month, it’s only natural to prepare for your eventual trip to the hospital and to wonder a little more about your baby. Many questions come to mind. Will he be a boy or girl? Will he be handsome? What to name him? But perhaps most persistent, will […]