Examination of Vaginal Wet Preps (Wet Mount) Training Video

music It’s a typical clinic day. A patient has noticed some itching, or maybe an unpleasant vaginal odor. During her exam, the clinician will check vaginal pH, examine any discharge that’s present, and collect a sample. Then, it’s on to the microscope. music This is where you’ll gather more specific information about what’s causing those […]

What Are You?

Are you your body? Well, kind of, right? But, is there a line where this stops being true? How much of yourself can you remove before you stop being you, and does the question even make sense? Your physical existence is cells, trillions of them, at least ten times more than there are stars in […]

How Sperm Meets Egg | Parents

Your due date is calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period. Conception occurs about two weeks from this day, and that’s when you’re truly considered to be pregnant. During a menstrual cycle, one of your two ovaries matures an egg within a follicle. Hormonal surges controlled by your brain then cause one […]

Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process that Uses Division to Multiply! (Updated)

Captions are on! Click the CC button at bottom right to turn off. Follow us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! Have you ever looked down at your leg or your arm to find some cut and you have no idea where it came from or how you got it? So you put a bandage on […]