Fertility and family planning before breast cancer treatment

(gentle bells) – The Cancer Australia Statement Influencing Best Practice in Breast Cancer provides the evidence to support effective patient-centered cancer care and improve cancer outcomes. The statement is based on the best available evidence supported by expert clinical and consumer advice. – Every year in Australia, a significant proportion of women who’ve not yet […]

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Haywood L. Brown, MD

Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

Every time you smoke a cigarette, toxic gases pass into your lungs, then into your bloodstream, where they spread to every organ in your body. A cigarette is made using the tobacco leaf, which contains nicotine and a variety of other compounds. As the tobacco and compounds burn, they release thousands of dangerous chemicals, including […]

BRCA1 Or BRCA2 Positive Women- Dr. David Margileth

>>>DR. DAVID A. MARGILETH: In patients that are BRCA-1 or BRCA-2 positive, a decision is often made to do bilateral mastectomy since their risk of future breast cancer is so high, and more importantly, after childbearing has been completed, those patients should have their ovaries removed because ovarian cancer is a much more serious cancer […]

Human Papillomavirus | HPV | Nucleus Health

Human Papilloma viruses, also called HPVs, make up a group of over 100 related viruses that infect people. Most HPVs can cause common skin warts, usually on the hands or feet. However, about 40 types of HPV affect the genitals, which are the sex organs on the outside of the body. These HPVs cause the […]

Dr Christopher Ng Talks About Getting on the Pill | DocDoc

Let’s start with the positives when you’re on the pill. Effective contraception is one of the most effective contraceptives provided you take it properly. It regulates your period so it helps women with irregular periods. Women with heavy, painful periods. Similarly, it has benefits and is meant to alleviate those problems. These are short term […]

Medicare & You: Cervical cancer

Hi, I’m Angela James with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. I’ve got some important information to share with you about cervical cancer. January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Did you know that all women are at risk of cervical cancer? And, did you know that it occurs most often in women over the […]

VBAC California Medical Malpractice Attorney Dr. Bruce Fagel on Channel 10 News

Before you or anyone you know goes into the delivery room, there’s something you need to know. Carol:  10 News reporter Kyung Lah joins us now with an exclusive Unit 10 investigation. Kyung. Kyung:  Well, hello, Carol. The procedure that we’re talking about is called VBAC, vaginal birth after caesarean. Your first child is born […]

Chamomile Tea May Not Be Safe During Pregnancy

Mastectomy Total Breast Surgery PreOp® Patient Education Medical Videos

Your doctor has recommended that you have a total mastectomy. But what does that actually mean? Total Mastectomy is the removal of the breast. In most cases, mastectomy is required in order to remove cancerous tissue from the body. The extent of tissue removed is determined by the amount of cancer present in your body. […]