What to expect: vaginal vault brachytherapy

Hello, I’m Dr. Lisa Barbera a Radiation Oncologist with the gyne oncology team at the Odette Cancer Centre in Toronto. Brachytherapy is a very common kind of radiation treatment in gynecologic cancer. The program at the OCC is well established and is experienced with these types of treatments. We are one of the largest brachytherapy […]

Maama Story: Mary Nalukwago | Post-Birth – “I was in unbearable pain”

It was Sunday the September 24, 2014; we spent the day in Muduuma at the church because they were electing new church committees. I was feeling fine the entire time but on our way back it started raining heavily. It was towards the evening and the rain was very destructive. It stopped raining at around […]


– So I wanna address a question that I seen several people in the comments post. And they wanted to know the difference between Samia and Zayn’s birth in Canada, versus baby Ayah’s birth here in the US. (upbeat music) Good Morning huntys and huncles. Hope you guys are having a great start. It’s a […]

Grieving father questions why 24-year-old wife died post-childbirth at hospital

Look for me it’s it’s haunting every single day you don’t leads back to you had three days of her complaining and they continuously dismissed her symptoms go Like I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful and I don’t think I could ever find anyone like her ever again. She’s the most open minded, sincere and […]

Skin-to-skin C-section promotes health, bonding

Brandon Gill New is about to deliver her second child through a scheduled, medically necessary C-section. While thousands of C-sections are done every year, Brandon will be only the second mother at Sunnybrook to do so using a new technique called Skin On Skin C-section. Traditionally, babies are taken away from the mother to be […]

Twins: cesarean no safer than vaginal birth

The Twin Birth Study was conducted in order to find out the optimal way, or the optimal method, of delivering twins. The results of the study found that there was no difference in vaginal birth than cesarean section, that the outcome for the babies was the same between planned vaginal birth and planned cesarean section. […]

Having a Baby at Trillium Health Partners – Talk Trillium Season 3, Episode 3

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Patti Cochrane) Hello, and welcome to “Talk Trillium: Partnering For Patients.” I’m Patti Cochrane, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Trillium Health Partners, which includes the Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and the Queensway Health Centre. I’ll be your host today as we take a look at how our hospital […]

Drax Project – Woke Up Late ft. Hailee Steinfeld (Official Music Video) Starring Liza Koshy

Woke up late Some where far away from home Pockets empty, wallet gone The sun is streaming all on down on my face Laying down on someones bed A girl that I had hardly met My head is spinnin like I’ve been out days Now you’re waking up too Lying next to me in your […]