Should I Call A Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer If Child Has Cerebral Palsy?

Your child has been recently diagnosed with Cerebral palsy at birth and now you are Wondering was medical malpractice the cause Of this and and if it was what can you do Hello i am marcus boston and i am a medical Malpractice attorney practicing law here in The state of maryland and i would […]

Nursing Care After Delivery | Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers – Belleville and Shiloh, IL

Nursing Care After Delivery Stacy Mauch How do nurses care for babies right after delivery? So right after delivery we encourage skin-to-skin with mom. So as long as baby is crying when we come out, we put baby immediately skin to skin and leave baby there for the immediate hour or first two hours after […]

Why it costs so much to have a baby in the US

Childbirth is the primary reason people are hospitalized in America. And to get an idea of what it actually costs, ,we called up several hospitals to see if they’d tell us. A couple of them weren’t willing to provide any information.* Others actually had prices and estimates.* But the thing is, none of them would […]

Are Doctors Doing Too Many C-Sections?

Vaginal births are OUT and surgical births are IN! So……yay science? Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Yall have heard of c-sections, right? It’s like…a surgical birth. The surgeon makes an incision in mom’s abdomen and uterus to pull the baby out. The Cesarean Section originally emerged as an alternative to vaginal birth in […]

Caesarean Section: Division of the uterovesical peritoneum and incision into the lower uterine segme

The next stage of the surgery is to identify the lower uterine segment and this is done by picking the peritoneum reflection between the bladder and the uterus called the uterovesical peritoneum, identifying the loose part and dividing it. So that is being done now by the surgeon. The uterovesical peritoneum fold is divided, exposes […]

VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

(light guitar music) – For delivering we — everything we know in the field just definitely shows that we need to deliver after 39 weeks. At 39 weeks or after. So, we aim to deliver after 39 weeks. If there’s a medical problem that would make us deliver early, then that’s a whole different story. […]

Ask the Placenta Lady About VBAC

(bright music) – Hi, welcome to another episode of Ask the Placenta Lady. My name is Jodi, but I’m usually just called “the placenta lady”. I’ve been working in the field of postpartum support since 2006, and I’ve heard pretty much everything under the sun, which is why our tagline is, no question is too […]

Big baby: Massachusetts mum gives birth to 14.5 pound little girl

This little baby is definitely getting more attention than most newborns. A hospital in Massachusetts welcomed Carisa Ruscak on April 22nd – the second biggest baby staff have ever delivered. The little girl weighed in at 14 and a half pounds and 22 inches long to parents Caroline and Bryan. Carisa was delivered via c-section […]

Why childbirth in America is so dangerous

-I have to deal every day with the fact that there’s nothing that I can do to bring Kira back. -It’s amazing. Mwah. -Many are shocked to learn that the U. S. not only has the worst maternal-mortality rate in the entire developed world, but that these rates are on the rise. -It was very […]

Caesarean Section: Closure of the abdomen

After the uterus has been returned to the abdominal cavity, the scrub nurse checks the swabs and instruments to make sure nothing has been left in the abdominal cavity then we now get to the last stage of the surgery it is the closure of the abdomen. The first layer of the abdomen that is […]