Welcome Baby Sullivan! Positive C-Section Birth Vlog

Angel: ready to have another baby? (Piano music) Justin: “Are you nervous?” Angel: “No” (Piano music) Dr B: “good decision” (Piano music) Dr B: “Mama! Papa! Here’s your baby” Justin: “yep, look at that. Hey buddy” (Piano music) Justin: “huh?” Justin: “yeah, of course” (Baby cries) (Piano music) Good morning, guys! It’s go time! We […]

C-SECTION RECOVERY TWINS & BABY | C-Section Recovery Tips | Postpartum Care | Mai Zimmy

Hi, my name is Mai and today is part 2 of my c-section experience in my last video I went over why I got a planned c-section, what my c-section experience was like the day of but with my twin pregnancy and my singleton pregnancy and today I’ll be going over everything about the recovery […]

ولادة توأم كتير مؤثرة!! | twin labor + delivery vlog *very emotional*

What should I do, they’re both crying! Hey y’all! Where’s the excitement daddy? Mommy? Aunty? Welcome to the best vlog ever! and the most emotional one My sister is giving birth Why am I speaking in English?! Assad, how do you feel about having two girls? Assad: I can’t express my emotions Natalie: you made […]

Labor and Delivery Story

Hola chicos y bienvenido de nuevo a mi canal Hoy voy a hacer una video del nacimiento de mi hija. Ha estado 9 meses desde di luz. Así que me disculpo si los detalles no están correctos Pero voy a empezar con una historia casi una mes antes de dar luz Tendría contracciones durante todo […]