Fish Sperm Taste Test • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– Look, you’re quivering. – I can’t, oh my. – You’re quivering. – Don’t judge me. You eat that. – I’ve never wanted to walk off a set more than now. (suspenseful music) – Live and direct from Hollywood. – It’s Feast Mode Hunger Squad. We’re doing this again. – We’re eating fish jizz. – […]

I Had A Baby • Hannah’s Birth Story

How Babies See The World

(soft music) (baby crying) – Your nose. – Woo, woo, woo, woo. (cheerful music) (rattling) – Peek-a-Boo. (babbling) (giggling) Come on. Who’s a good baby? Good. Yay. Woo-hoo. Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. Mawah. Mawah. Mawah.

How Much Do Guys Know About Birth Control?

– I know that it controls birth, and that is about it. – I’m gonna guess that not that many guys know that much about birth control, at least hormonal birth control, just because it’s usually women who have to deal with it. So, we’re gonna hit the streets of Hollywood today to see what […]

Celebs Watch Animal Birth For The First Time

– Oh my– – Ugh. – Oh! – Oh! – Oh! – Nat, what do you know about childbirth? What do you know about childbirth? – Well– – A whole lot actually, I’ve studied it in school. – We’re here because of it. – I’ve witnessed a Kardashian birth. – How was the Kardashian birth? […]

What I Eat Each Trimester of Pregnancy

The Try Guys Recreate Fan Fiction

[Keith] Good evening, sir. [Eugene] Do you know I asked for you Keith? [Keith] No, sir. [In Keith’s head] His eyes took me up and down. He licked his lips Wha-? [Laughter] [Keith] Hey! We’re the Try Guys and today We’re gonna be reading some Fanfiction that you all have written about us and maybe, […]

The Try Guys Get Prostate Exams

– And then you’re gonna feel a finger, and some pressure. – [Keith] Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. – [Dr. Rettig] OK, here we go. – [Keith] Oh, oh. – [Dr. Rettig] And there’s your prostate. (upbeat instrumental music) – Movember is this thing that helps raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. – Movember’s […]

The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, […]