Atlanta Maternity Center Childbirth Experience: Amy Stanton’s Story

>>My name is Amy Stanton and I have three boys and I’m a nurse at Egleston. As a pediatric nurse, I’m very choosy, and delivering my child was a very big decision, and we felt very confident and comfortable with DeKalb Medical, and they really pulled through. I had heard that they were really good […]

Nursing Care After Delivery | Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers – Belleville and Shiloh, IL

Nursing Care After Delivery Stacy Mauch How do nurses care for babies right after delivery? So right after delivery we encourage skin-to-skin with mom. So as long as baby is crying when we come out, we put baby immediately skin to skin and leave baby there for the immediate hour or first two hours after […]

The Science of Boobs

Breasts. They provide nourishment for our babies, they are one of the few organs not fully developed at birth, and of course are a major obsession in western culture. Yet there is so much about breasts that isn’t discussed or is deemed taboob, sorry “taboo”. So, what does science say about breasts? Forget water into […]


good morning you guys Adam just left for his first day back at school it’s about 6:30 in the morning I just finished there’s some Grayson I put him back down to sleep and I figured since I’m writing it up I’m just gonna get up now get myself together prep our morning prep our […]

Having a Baby at Trillium Health Partners – Talk Trillium Season 3, Episode 3

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Patti Cochrane) Hello, and welcome to “Talk Trillium: Partnering For Patients.” I’m Patti Cochrane, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Trillium Health Partners, which includes the Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and the Queensway Health Centre. I’ll be your host today as we take a look at how our hospital […]

Free Parenting and Pregnancy Programs from Peel Public Health

Babies don’t come with instructions, neither does pregnancy That’s why Peel public health has fun interactive and informative programs to help you and your baby stay happy and healthy during pregnancy and parenthood prenatal classes, breastfeeding help and telephone support – all available to Peel residents free of charge In person and online options are […]

Tips to enjoy your pregnancy (Consejos para que disfrutes tu embarazo- Subt en Español)

hi this is Catalina from parents read in my baby marina in today i will be starting a series of videos with tips from the book by famine of your promise bringing up a bit that I used when I was pregnant and that i have been using with my baby after she was born […]

Online prenatal course for pregnant women in Hungary

Hello and welcome to the Having a Baby in Hungary course! First of all, our congratulations on your pregnancy! This course will help you learn about your options, and give you practical information you need to make the decisions that are right for you. This is an exciting, joyful and possibly also stressful time. Let […]

Missed period negative pregnancy test – Causes of late period when pregnancy test is negative

Missed period, negative pregnancy test – Top 7 Causes? One of the most frustrating things a woman can experience is having a late period and a negative pregnancy test! If you continue to get a negative result on home pregnancy tests, for more than a week after missing your period, it’s very unlikely that you’re […]

Flu Vaccine Information for Pregnant Women and Children

>>Dr. Alicia Fry: Hello, I’m Dr. Alicia Fry with the CDC influenza division. This video is intended for pregnant women and children as well as their healthcare providers. Today I’ll provide answers to several common questions about flu vaccines. I would like to begin with the question; should I get a flu vaccine if I’m […]