I Pretended To Be Pregnant To Scare My Bf Away. Bad Plan…

Hey, guys. My name is Norma. I want to tell you how I was held hostage by a crazy guy, and I just couldn’t get away. And when I did manage to escape, it got even worse. But everything is fine now. My best friend, Brandon, had been trying to persuade me to go to […]

Reaction To Childbirth – Gay Boyfriend Edition!

Hi, Welcome to The Wood House! For this video, we are going to be watching… Childbirth! Childbirth! Childbirth! We have decided to watch… I have decided that we are going to watch and record our reactions… To vaginal childbirth! I’ve never seen… Is there any other form of childbirth? Well, yes. C-Sections? It’s an actual […]


And there he is Waiting Waiting for his torturer he’s all set up this ain’t right. I don’t even do nothing What I love To do with it What is up everybody hey? It’s Britney with this unity crew today. I’m dressed in all black I’m ready to get my revenge on Chris today is […]


We got it Yeah, i know we got it baby Hello guys were back with another video Hey Guys what’s up guys Team Dee in the building about to prank Sam No, you’re not. We’re not here for that. I’ll be pranking Sam every Hey guys, we’re back with another video video video video video […]

Hey Steve: Tracking Down The Boyfriend!

(audience applauding) – Hey Steve. I have four daughters. My oldest, 21, has been dating this guy for five years and she won’t let me meet him for the reasons that I’m intimidating and overprotective. Well she doesn’t have social media so I don’t know what he looks like and she’s doing a really good […]

Will She Dump Her BF For a Ferrari??!! ( Crazy Gold Digger Investigation)

This is Evan Paul motorcars, it’s a premiere exotic car dealership in Orange County and this is Kat She’s the general manager at Evan Paul. Okay. So this is what you would actually be signing Um, we just need your autograph here here here and this right here is my friend yolks And he’s actually […]

Friends With Benefits Secretly Share Their Feelings For Each Other

Was it a yes? I mean… should I really answer him? I’m Pierre Exo I’m 24 I’m Stephanie Weinberg. I am 43 years old. And if I could describe our relationship Its fiery Rock-paper-scissors Oh my God, what’s that? You don’t know that- she’s from Europe, so how about you just you go rock okay? […]

Boyfriend Vs. Period

– [Jen] Today was a lot of fun. – I had a great time. Same thing tomorrow? – Sure. – Awesome. (kisses) – And this is for you. (chuckles) (door shutting) (paper rustling) – [Voiceover] Dear Steven, I’m not sure you know who I am, but trust me, we’ll become well acquainted soon enough. (swoosh) […]

Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

– Hello, guys! – I’m sure you’re wondering why we look like carbon copies of each other. – Brooklyn and Brooklyn. – Yes. – Instead of Brooklyn and Bailey. – So essentially, this video is going to be us, identical twins, swapping places in the middle of something that we’re doing with our friends, to […]

Pregnancy PRANK on Boyfriend … (He Gets EMOTIONAL!)

Okay, so today I am going to be pranking my boyfriend into thinking that I am pregnant So I have one of his friends here to help me. We’re just gonna be sitting on the couch I have computer out there to record and I will have my phone So, we’ll see how this goes […]