We Have A Secret

– Buckle up your little booties, ’cause we’ve got an announcement. You see, for the past several months while we’ve been launching this channel, driving while stoned, hosting the Streamys … – We had a secret. – [Keith] You know how we’ve been sayin’ we have a secret project we can’t tell you about, we’ve […]

Cutting Through The Medical Money Games | Dr. Marty Makary (Author of The Price We Pay)

Guys, Supporters first and everyone else later. I rarely get this insane about a guest and fanboying, but today we have a guest that you guys, first of all, listening to him is one thing, but reading his new book The Price We Pay, which I read in a day, that’s how good it was, […]

Your Questions Our Answers (Part1)||Pregnancy Problems N Solutions ||Queries About Pregnancy

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The Magic of Not Giving a F*** | Sarah Knight | TEDxCoconutGrove

Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Peter van de Ven We’re living in a post-tidying society. Everyone, including me, has a story about de-cluttering their home. Gathering all of their possessions into the middle of the floor, deciding what brings joy, and then bidding farewell to a set of spatulas in pursuit of a calmer, happier life. […]

Period Sex, Pregnancy, Menstrual Cups! | The Hormone Diaries Q&A + TOUR! | Hannah Witton

– Hi everyone, I’m Hannah Witton, welcome back to my channel. Yes, I am wearing the same dress that I was in my last video. Just in a different colour. I think I have cheese in my cleavage. As I was setting up this equipment my stoma was being real noisy and farty. So we’ll […]

My Horibal Speling

Teacher: Okay class – spell “Wednesday”. James: Uhhh…I-I don’t know how to spell Wednesday. Teacher-James: Well, James just sound it out. James: Oh, okay. James: So, like this? Teacher: No James, it’s “wed-nes-day”. *Aggressive sniff* James: You said sound it out, and that’s how you sound it out. French Student: *stereotypical French laugh* French Student: […]