From Birth to Two: the Neuroscience of Infant Development

My name is Mark Frankel. I am on staff here at AAAS, I direct a program called Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights, and Law, so that means we deal with a lot of issues from the point of view of ethics law and human rights and the issues that advances in science and technology raise. This […]

Girls Have Three Holes

So here’s the thing. I was going to make a video where I go through my old high school yearbooks to look for dumb and funny messages that people left me back in the day, but then I came across one particular message that just set my brain on fire. It just basically filled me […]


If no baby was coming you had no business being down there. You were pushing like it was going to come. You guys want to know the truth about what it’s like after you have a baby. I want to first thank everybody who has been following us this whole journey. I feel like we […]

Birth Affirmations Spoken – Calm Birth Affirmations Music

I trust my body’s innate ability to birth my baby. I surrender to my body I fill my body with warmth, light, joy and love I can carry birth nurture and mother my baby No one else is more qualified, more experienced, or more capable of mothering my baby. In this space I am a […]

Doctor Busts Common Myths About Periods

hi my name is dr. Natasha boo-yan I’m a family physician at one medical and today I’ll be breaking down some myths about period separating fact from fiction your period stops when you take a shower that is actually a myth your period continues even if your showering you might not notice but there might […]

I Tried A Vaginal Alarm Clock

(vibrating) (clattering) – It’s gonna be doing that in my pants! (fun music) My name is Merle. My struggle, and the reason that I am shamelessly here, aside from the fact that I am not planning a career in politics, is the fact that I actually do have a multitude of issues waking up in […]

Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls

in the battle of the sexes were fiercely divided who has it worse when it comes to pain on the one hand women are left with the task of fitting a watermelon sized object through a coin sized Hall on the other hand males protest that even the slightest nick of their family jewels can […]

Giving Birth In Your 20s VS Your 30s

American moms are starting a new trend. Thirties are now the new 20s. In 2016, for the first time ever, more American women had babies in their early 30s than in their 20s. And women are now 25% older when they give birth compared to 50 years ago. But isn’t having kids at an older […]

How can I increase my chance of having a safe vaginal birth? – Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

– In order to have and prepare for a vaginal delivery, I tell women to stay active, do some mild exercise, do some stretching, some yoga, things like that to keep your body limber. And educate yourself. That’s the main thing. And that’s part of my job is to help you prepare and educate, and […]