Тунис | Жизнь других |ENG| Tunisia | The Life of Others | 24.02.2020

Why do I love my hubby? Well, because he makes money and feeds our family. We all idolize our wives. As this is the love for life. After the wedding, my husband asked me to completely cover myself and only he could see me. And I did not contradict. We never really ger a chance […]

Лос-Анджелес – Голливуд-США | Жизнь других |ENG| Los Angeles-Hollywood |The Life of Others|1.12.2019

That’s a day-off today. Therefore, Rick plans to roam the streets of Beverly Hills all day long, chill in the restaurants, drink coffee and take photos. Though, he looks more like a typical tourist with the most average camera, one of his photos may cost 10, 000 dollars, 20, 000 dollars, and even up to […]

A FETUS in my FANMAIL?! (PO Box #1) | Tyler Oakley

– Hey everyone! My name is Tyler and this is: – Korey! – And we are opening some of your shit right now! (cheering) (kazoo) So we found these onesies on Fab.com, and we were like “They’re only $30, so why not buy them?” Look, can you see? – The cutest. – It’s like the […]

Labor and Delivery Hospital Induction IUGR Baby (+18)

Please beware The Following Video is Rated +18 Hey Everybody so it’s Monday March 9th the day of my Induction for Baby Number 3 and I woke up Early this Morning at like 6 a.m. To get Ready Just in Case The hospital Call up they Could Have Called as Early as 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately […]


(Alarm sound) (Music) all right guys it is time it’s time it’s finally here it is 5:30 a.m. Monday morning January 28th we’re about to have a baby. We are about to go meet our son you guys, this is insane We are so excited I’m so nervous we thought we were going into the […]

Should we have another BABY??

– Good morning. Alright so I’ve got a little pimple right there. Trying to decide if I should pop it or not. Normally I do but I don’t know that that always helps. Cause then like, 30 minutes later it’ll still be pestulating. And I’ll be at a meeting or something. Anyway, so I think […]

TTC W/PCOS | Pregnancy Test!?, Doctors Visit!?

hi ladies! Today I went and I got… a-..a-… a-….a-….. So am going to go right now and take this.. Oh God, I feel so nervous…*giggles* It’s been awhile, it’s been years, since I have actually taken one of these I’m hell nervous right now!! Honestly, I am hell nervous. If it’s a positive I’ll […]


– We should try doing a live Google thing. – Would anyone, would you guys come watch us if we did a live Google hangout? – I don’t know, live things make me so nervous. We’ve done a few of ’em with other vlogging families and I get so nervous. I’m just like (gasps) (upbeat […]