Лос-Анджелес – Голливуд-США | Жизнь других |ENG| Los Angeles-Hollywood |The Life of Others|1.12.2019

That’s a day-off today. Therefore, Rick plans to roam the streets of Beverly Hills all day long, chill in the restaurants, drink coffee and take photos. Though, he looks more like a typical tourist with the most average camera, one of his photos may cost 10, 000 dollars, 20, 000 dollars, and even up to […]

A FETUS in my FANMAIL?! (PO Box #1) | Tyler Oakley

– Hey everyone! My name is Tyler and this is: – Korey! – And we are opening some of your shit right now! (cheering) (kazoo) So we found these onesies on Fab.com, and we were like “They’re only $30, so why not buy them?” Look, can you see? – The cutest. – It’s like the […]

Labor and Delivery Hospital Induction IUGR Baby (+18)

Please beware The Following Video is Rated +18 Hey Everybody so it’s Monday March 9th the day of my Induction for Baby Number 3 and I woke up Early this Morning at like 6 a.m. To get Ready Just in Case The hospital Call up they Could Have Called as Early as 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately […]


(Alarm sound) (Music) all right guys it is time it’s time it’s finally here it is 5:30 a.m. Monday morning January 28th we’re about to have a baby. We are about to go meet our son you guys, this is insane We are so excited I’m so nervous we thought we were going into the […]

Should we have another BABY??

– Good morning. Alright so I’ve got a little pimple right there. Trying to decide if I should pop it or not. Normally I do but I don’t know that that always helps. Cause then like, 30 minutes later it’ll still be pestulating. And I’ll be at a meeting or something. Anyway, so I think […]

TTC W/PCOS | Pregnancy Test!?, Doctors Visit!?

hi ladies! Today I went and I got… a-..a-… a-….a-….. So am going to go right now and take this.. Oh God, I feel so nervous…*giggles* It’s been awhile, it’s been years, since I have actually taken one of these I’m hell nervous right now!! Honestly, I am hell nervous. If it’s a positive I’ll […]


– We should try doing a live Google thing. – Would anyone, would you guys come watch us if we did a live Google hangout? – I don’t know, live things make me so nervous. We’ve done a few of ’em with other vlogging families and I get so nervous. I’m just like (gasps) (upbeat […]

Pregnancy Update | 39.5 Weeks | Inducing Labor | Tahiti Rey

Hi guys so I am doing my 39 week update from my bathroom because A few reasons they don’t feel like setting up my other camera, and there’s good lighting in here So I wanted to do a 39 week update with you guys just to let you know the status I did not think […]


Good morning and welcome to a new vlog It’s been a while since I made a pregnancy update here on youtube I was in week 19 then, now i’m in week 24 entering week 25 on Monday and quite a lot has happened since the last time we saw each other here on youtube but […]