“DEAR ADELAIDE” | A Letter For Our Stillborn Daughter

>>HEIDI: It is currently 8:18 am which is the time five years ago that Adelaide was born. [Music: “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod]>>HEIDI: Dear Adelaide, today is December 2nd. It’s your fifth birthday. If you were alive, you’d be getting ready to go into kindergarten. But instead, your birth was a silent one. I remember […]

Welcome Duncan Ballinger! (Birth Vlog) Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!

Conjoined Twins Now Independent Toddlers | Cincinnati Childrens

[Music] The odds were stacked against Misty and Curtis Oglesby when they learned they were having twins Their babies weren’t just any twins they were conjoined at the chest and doctors gave the twins only a 5 to 25 percent chance of survival When we found out we’re having twins and that they were conjoined […]

Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry

– “Expect the arrival of your first grandchild,” what? – [Voiceover] Oh! – What? What? (screaming and laughing) We’re havin’ a baby! – Look at this one. Oh! Are you pregnant? (all screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God! – (screaming and laughing) No kidding! Are you really? Are you really, are you really? Oh! […]

Labor Pains – When Should I Go to the Hospital?!?

when you tell him something to the camera but I’ll always remember on this day that he’s born on a special birthday dancing unique could be burn on my birthday it’s almost 1:00 a.m. on May 11th we’re thinking it’s go time folks how much of a good time is it you were like oh […]


Hey everyone, I’m Colleen, and it was just my birthday, hooray! Now there’s something special I want for… Words are hard. There’s something special I want from you guys, for my birthday, and I’ll get to that in a second. But first I wanted to tell you about the title of this video, the thumbnail […]

Which Store Makes The Best Custom Cake?

What up party people. So tomorrow is my birthday. *cheering* Thank you. WOO! Stop it, stop it. We decided, instead of getting one birthday cake, we’re gonna challenge five chains to see who can make the best custom birthday cake. The catch? They don’t know they’re competing. They don’t even know they’re in this video […]

the TRUTH about our Break Up… (Not Clickbait)

Now her video is called “The worst day of my life.” She got on the wrong train, which added a whole Whopping 30 minutes. She had to wait longer to get to London And so did I absolute worst day of my life? And she had to wear the same clothes two days in a […]

Telling the Inlaws We’re Pregnant

>>You’ve gotta to read it loud You’ll need these shoes because this present is to keep you speedy for many years to come. Somehow I’ve seen these before>>Yes you may have seen them before Fairview Tigers colors by the way Grandpa…Oh my gosh… Some birthdays are more special than others [OOOhh!! Excited Screaming] Oh my […]

A Hilarious Surprise Guest Interrupts Ellen’s 60th Birthday Celebration

Thanks for being here on my birthday show. [APPLAUSE] This is a cute picture. Every day I come out, and there’s something different here. This is me. I don’t know how old I was. Come on, that’s– Anyway, it happened. I’m now 60 years old. [APPLAUSE] I did it. My actual birthday was on Friday. […]