Labor & Delivery Tour – Wesley Medical Center

(guitar music) – Welcome to Wesley Medical Center. We’re so glad you chose to deliver your baby with us. In this video you will tour Wesley’s Birth Care Suites and Main Campus Women’s Hospital. When delivering at the Birth Care Suites, please park in the lot on the north side of Murdock and Hillside. After […]

Emotional Natural LIVE Birth Vlog | Baby #3

Good morning, it’s 415. Joyce has been having some pain last night and just had a bloody show. so we’re gonna go ahead and take her in make sure everything is OK. Hopefully we’re having a baby today! How you feeling? OK It’s time to go about to head out just put the kids in […]

Giving Birth at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

– [Announcer] Welcome to the birthing pavilion at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, offering you a comfortable, private, and calm place to give birth. Our top priority is for you to have the childbirth experience that is right for you. Our nurses will form a team with your obstetrician or midwife to make sure your labor and birthing preferences […]

Face of Birth – Meet the experts – Hannah Dahlen on VBAC vs repeat caesarean

————————————- meet the experts VBAC vs repeat caesarean: choice and implications for mother and baby Women who choose homebirth often have a different philosophical framework ————————————- meet the experts VBAC vs repeat caesarean: choice and implications for mother and baby to women who choose hospital birth. ————————————- meet the experts VBAC vs repeat caesarean: choice […]

How Can Childbirth Be Easier? | Darwin, MD #2

A woman who is in her eighth week of pregnancy sees her family medicine doctor for her first-ever prenatal visit. She and her partner spent months trying to conceive. Now, she is excited but stressed. Her sister successfully gave birth at home using the water birth method. Meanwhile, her best friend chose to have a […]

The Stages of Labor second stages of labour

After transition labor progresses to the second stage where you will push and give birth Once your cervix is fully dilated You might feel an urge to push right away, or your contractions might seem to slow down or stop for 20 minutes or more? Before you feel the urge to push You can use […]

Giving birth in hospital | NHS

The most important thing with maternity care is that women are under the care of a midwife. All women need a midwife. Midwifery care for delivery can take place at home, or in a midwifery unit if there is a free-standing one, or in hospital. I would like to think that we can provide the […]