hey everyone I’m trying to be as positive as possible right now while I’m going through some pain I think I’m in early labor I saw my doctor’s son who’s also an OB today for my 38 week appointment and when he saw me he did a cervical check and I was two and a […]

The greatest gift: Safe childbirths in Colombia

I learn through my dreams. In Wayuu I am called ‘Alüjülii’ [natural healer]. In my experience as a midwife, I keep an eye on women, the first-time moms, the women. I want to tell you about this one. It’s called Zanconcito – I use it to massage the pregnant belly. Everything is normal. I have […]

Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, taught us how to interact with our Lord and how to conduct ourselves during an important stage of life; [having a child]. The Beloved Prophet’s teaching, peace be upon him, starts with the very beginning of one’s life. He counselled us, peace and blessings be upon him, […]

Army dad runs off plane to meet newborn daughter | Militarykind

(jaunty music) – I was in basic training when my wife found out that she was pregnant. I was in AIT throughout the whole entire pregnancy. (jaunty music) My wife, she calls me and she goes, “Hey I think the baby’s coming,” “I think the baby’s coming.” And I’m like, “Oh my God, are you […]

Postpartum What To Expect AFRICAN EDITION / THE TRUTH!

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I Had A Baby • Hannah’s Birth Story

Childbirth: Tearing from front to back?! Say It Taint True! | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy

– Well, I don’t remember it looking like that. Did you know that after giving birth that you can look and feel different down there? So what’s a vagina to do? (bright, peppy music) How big were your babies? – Four pounds – Six pounds, two ounces and seven and a half – Seven pounds, […]

DaddyFit – The Workout with Baby

This is DaddyFit. A workout for daddies … with a fitness device that grows along with you … and makes you happy. The full-body-workout consists of 12 simple exercises like … the Smoochy-Push-Ups … …Daddy Squats … or Step by Step, uuh baby. But DaddyFit not only makes daddies stronger. Every single exercise, … the […]

Baby+Co. | Real Stories: Shjira’s Birth Experience

hi, I’m Shjira when I mentioned the birthing center option to my husband he was a little skeptical so we did a tour we both were like “oh my” I mean, I fell in love with it but my husband was like “oh wow” and listening to the midwives and asking questions about you know […]

10 Newborn Must Haves | Jaimie from Millennial Moms

– Hey everyone, welcome back to the Millennial Moms. My name is Jaimie and I upload to Millennial Moms every Monday. (introductory music) – Today we are talking about the top ten newborn must-haves. If you guys are not already subscribed to Millennial Moms then definitely do so down below. We got a new mom […]