“DEAR ADELAIDE” | A Letter For Our Stillborn Daughter

>>HEIDI: It is currently 8:18 am which is the time five years ago that Adelaide was born. [Music: “Passing Time” by Kevin MacLeod]>>HEIDI: Dear Adelaide, today is December 2nd. It’s your fifth birthday. If you were alive, you’d be getting ready to go into kindergarten. But instead, your birth was a silent one. I remember […]

My Birth Story

go take a prayer… go take a prayer… go take a prayer! wake up! [ Natural Induction ] [ 1. Up and Down the stairs ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 2. Pineapple consumption ] [ Natural Induction ] [ 3. Prenatal Yoga with @jamilatus.sadiyah ] [ Natural Induction [ 4. Exercises with a Birthball […]

She Watched the Live Birth!

PREGNANCY & BIRTH IN A WHEELCHAIR♿️ | My Story With Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

hi guys welcome back to my channel wheelsnoheels I’m so excited today because I have been joined by a special guest!! (“awwwww” – Jessica) This is Jessica her channel is amazing it’s a link down below it’s Jessica out of the closet she talks all about her life with a disability lifestyle “yep yep. keeping […]

Large Family Mom Baby #8 Gender Reveal, Natural Birth Plans, Plus Past Birth Stories!

– So I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but we are gonna sit here and chat about the new baby, and I’m gonna tell you the gender of the baby, and hopefully, I’m gonna get into birth plans, birth stories, maybe even why we are a large family, and we’ll just see how […]

He’s Here! My Perfect Hospital Birth Vlog: Baby Number 5! / The Beach House

(Heartbeat) Becca: I just can’t believe this is happening Becca: I am so nervous Becca: I’ve been praying like crazy all morning Becca: So that I could have strength. So that I can have peace of mind and that I will be mentally ready to have this baby Becca: I need to calm down Michael: […]

Birth trauma haunts parents, prompting calls for a new system of midwifery care | ABC News

I think the basis of the previous birth, having all that support has made going into this one, not be something I’m afraid of. When I chose to go with a midwife over an obstetrician, it almost felt like I was maybe doing something quite different or alternative. They keep you informed and they keep […]