Birth trauma haunts parents, prompting calls for a new system of midwifery care | ABC News

I think the basis of the previous birth, having all that support has made going into this one, not be something I’m afraid of. When I chose to go with a midwife over an obstetrician, it almost felt like I was maybe doing something quite different or alternative. They keep you informed and they keep […]

Birth Vlog | Adoption Of Our First Baby Girl | Adoption Journey [CC]

JAKS: We’re here and we just got a call from… Oh, sorry. The Husband: Smooth. JAKS: All right. We’re here. We just got a call from our social worker saying that things are moving quicker than anticipated and she’s getting on the schedule for a C-section. So, I am a thousand percent grateful that we […]


(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so like, he just flew out. I might as well include his […]

Birth Vlog – Welcome Luke Ballinger!

C-SECTION RECOVERY TWINS & BABY | C-Section Recovery Tips | Postpartum Care | Mai Zimmy

Hi, my name is Mai and today is part 2 of my c-section experience in my last video I went over why I got a planned c-section, what my c-section experience was like the day of but with my twin pregnancy and my singleton pregnancy and today I’ll be going over everything about the recovery […]

OUR LABOR & DELIVERY STORY|| Premature Rupture of Membranes & Cord Wrapped around Baby’s Neck!

like and subscribe and at the notifications button Hi everyone, today I have Garrett and this is Jace so Jace is actually 3 months old now, And I know you guys are probably like “what the heck?”but this video took me a while to sit down and do today we’re doing my labor and delivery […]

My Labour & Delivery Story | Natural birth at the Edgware Birth Centre -United Kingdom

I called the Midwife around nine o’clock this morning she asked me a few questions you know to see if I was in labor or not and I did find out I had my TMI but I found I had my Bloody show so I’ve been going there going to toilet frequently and I’m still […]


everything was gonna be all butterflies and, you know, glitter … but, did that happen? nope nope nope no no no, all right it’s story time But First … my name is faith Matini and I’m so happy to be doing this collab with Abie I have been able to know her within the last […]

Deputy helps deliver baby on the side of the road | Humankind

(dramatic music) (uplifting piano instrumental) (woman crying) – [Man] Officer, you had the right to stop me I’m not gonna even lie. (woman yelling frantically) – [Man] She’s pregnant officer. (woman yelling frantically) – [Officer] You need an ambulance? – [Man] The baby comin’ out. Look, look, look, the baby comin’ out, officer. That’s the […]