Labor and Delivery-When am I Giving Birth Already? What are the Labor Signs that you are In Labor?

((HOST EMILY FRANCES-HOW TO MOM TV)) Hello Everyone, this is Emily Frances and welcome to How to Mom TV. So you�re at the end of your pregnancy, the home stretch. Even though the end of the rainbow is in sight, chances are you are feeling like crap, you�re bloated, you�re swollen, your back hurts and […]

Supernatural Childbirth: Birth Pain Free!

Hi, everybody. Today, I want to talk about my second supernatural childbirth that was free from pain. And it happened right here in my little, tiny bathroom, on the floor. So I’m going to go ahead and get up and go in the other room, so I’m not just sitting on the floor, and I […]

Pain Free Supernatural Childbirth – Our First Daughter

Hi, everybody. So I prayed for a supernatural childbirth without pain and that’s what happened. So come on over here and sit down with me and I’ll tell you how it went. We’ve talked about this in an earlier video, about supernatural childbirth, but I wanted to go through the specifics of how it happened […]