(upbeat music) – Hi guys, so today I wanted to do a video on my birth stories. This video will be basically telling you both birth stories for both of my sons ’cause Caleb’s, who is my second child was so quick and so like, he just flew out. I might as well include his […]

Packing Your Hospital Bag | Mothercare Pregnancy Advice

Your due date is just around the corner, so you are probably thinking about what to pack for your stay in hospital. Aim to have your bag packed by the time you reach 34 weeks, just in case your baby makes an unexpected early arrival. What you pack is really down to you, you’ll need […]

What to Pack in My Hospital Bag for Birth

I need to know what to pack in my hospital bag for birth. You’ll want a car seat in advance of the trip to the hospital, but that’s not something you want to shop for while in labor, or be rushed to install it to bring the baby home. That does not fit in the […]

About Birth Gestation Series – WEEK 16: ‘Pregnancy and sex’

– Gestation YouTube series, Week 16. Let’s discuss pregnancy and sex. You’re 16 weeks pregnant. So around this stage your baby is the size of an avocado. – Also at this point your baby’s hearing is starting to develop so it’s a really lovely thing to talk to your baby, get your partner to talk […]