– All right I wanted to tell you guys about what happened last night. – And every single one of these shoots out at me. – And we have decided on a name. People say that you can name your baby based on looking at them. – I love you. I’m your big sister. (peaceful […]

Cardi B Showed Ellen How She Got Pregnant

Hey, Cardi B. Hey! Hey! Hi! Hi! [CHEERING] What’s good, everybody? What’s up? Eww. Lets go. All right, so first of all, it’s nice to meet you. And your name is really not Cardi B. Do I call you Cardi B even though that’s not your name? I mean, can you even pronounce my real […]

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Carrying Kim Kardashian’s Baby? | Hollywoodlife

(upbeat, funky music) – [Ali] Tyga is convinced Kylie Jenner’s baby could be his, plus Kim Kardashian may have just revealed the name of her new baby. (upbeat, funky music) – Hey, guys, it’s Ali with your Most Necessary story of the day, and Kim posted this cryptic pic on Instagram, possibly hinting the name […]

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Due Date Revealed | Hollywoodlife

– Kylie Jenner’s due date may have been revealed. Plus, Tyga disses Travis Scott and is desperately trying to get back with Kylie. Hey guys, it’s Ali with your most necessary story of the day and we’re hearing exclusively Kylie is starting to give up on her baby daddy Travis Scott. Our reporters in LA […]