Wildebeest Gives Birth To Clumsy Calf

COMM: It’s February, which means it’s time for wildebeest to give birth. And Yulia Sundukova has traveled to Tanzania specially to film the new calves being born. COMM: Incredibly, 80% of all the wildebeest females give birth in the same two to three week period. Wildebeests are a kind of antelope, but unlike other antelopes, […]

Mother Dolphin Giving Birth But The Baby Couldn’t Make It | Kritter Klub

Look! The tail! The first time a dolphin is giving birth in Korea She’s suffering due to a colic After all the labor pain, the calf is born The calf must breathe above the water within a minute after birth The mother pushes the sinking calf up The first breathe I’m so happy to see […]