Popeye Puree | Michela Chiappa

This is another great no-cook puree it’s mango, spinach, yoghurt and pine nuts you put them all into your blender and blitz but this is also a really great recipe for that exploration stage you can just mash up the mango with a knife, keep the pine nuts whole and really make it to whatever […]

Try Not to Laugh – 10 Minutes of Funniest Baby Moments

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Newborn baby essentials ||newborn needs newborn medicines || products Telugu

Hi everyone welcome to my channel In this video i explain basic needs and medicines for babies before going to labor please note it I hope it will be helpful to mothers

The real cost of having a baby in 2020

Can drones make childbirth safer in Sierra Leone? – BBC World Service

The drone technology is a very good idea. I think it will help with quick emergency responses and help the nurses do their work and their responsibilites very well. It will increase the in-flow of patients. Most of the time patients are sceptical about coming to the hospital because there are no drugs, there is […]

Labor and Delivery Guide for Pennsylvania Hospital Expecting Families

(lively music) – [Narrator] Welcome to our video tour of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit. In this video, you’ll learn what to do when it’s time to deliver your baby. First things first, Pennsylvania Hospital is located in Center City, Philadelphia on 8th Street between Spruce Street and Pine Street. If you’re arriving between […]

Nurses Caught On Camera Abusing NEWBORN Babies

A disturbing video has surfaced on the internet that shows nurses in a hospital abusing a newborn baby by squashing its head and face. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know, here for you on IO. Welcome back to inform overload, I’m charlotte dobre, and if theres one thing that really grinds […]