Fetal Movement During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

-Patients will say they start to feel the baby move as early as 15 or 16 weeks, but there is plenty of patients who won’t feel anything until as late as 24 weeks and that’s nothing to worry about. Initially those fetal movements, if you feel a couple kicks a day I’m happy. There won’t […]

Why Do Women Give Birth Lying Down?

If you’re like me, your social media is filled with pictures of beaming parents, and cute babies. But in the midst of that postnatal glow, I bet you haven’t stopped to wonder: when did women start giving birth lying on their backs? Now I’ve heard a slew of pregnancy related myths, from the position of […]


Good morning, John. [Hank makes goat noise] You know how I said that I lost the charger to my camcorder… Well, I did, and I don’t have any way to record this video. So, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of footage that I took over at mom and dad’s house, some of it, […]

People Watch Birth for the First Time | First Takes | Cut

(screaming voice) (classical music) – My name is Taylor. And I’m a full time student. – My name is Sam, I’m a full time student. – [Interviewer] What are we doing today? – I’m here to watch someone give birth. – For the first time. – For the first time. For me. – [Interviewer] Why […]

Fetus Testifies In Ohio

this episode of the young texans brought to you by audible dot com everybody’ll but at audible podcast dot com slash t y t the question pro-life group in ohio is uh… planning to bring about testimony uh… nine week-old fees perfect so i wanted to do that what’s the point other found that it […]

My Stillbirth Story | Part 1 | The Pregnancy

Hi everyone, it’s Rachel and welcome back to my channel Welcome to my channel. If you are new as you can tell by the title of this video, it’s going to be a very sad one I’m still not sure if this is gonna be One whole video or multiple parts, but I Am going […]

Fetal intervention for HLHS with a restrictive atrial septal defect (ASD)

(soft music) – So with babies that have hypoplastic left heart syndrome, all the blood that’s returning from the lungs comes back to the left side of the heart, but it can’t get through the left side that’s too small. It’s very important that babies have a large connection between the two upper chambers of […]

CALL THE MIDWIFE | Behind the Scenes – Could You Really Deliver a Baby? | PBS

(upbeat music) – We often have people describing how Call the Midwife is an intergenerational viewing experience in their home and I think that’s lovely. I just think having it out there has been liberating. – And we’re off. – Ha! – Describing my character in three words, oh gosh. Fun, sensitive, opinionated. – Fred’s […]