Korea’s childbirth in decline for 17 straight months

South Korea’s birthrate has declined for a 17th month in a row. According to Statistics Korea, about 30-thousand babies were born in April, which marks a 13-point-6 percent drop from the same month last year. The birth rate has been falling every month since December 2015… when it rose by 3-point-4 percent. The latest figure […]

S. Korea’s childbirth rate drops despite government’s effort

Despite the Korean government’s best efforts to boost the nation’s chronically-low birthrate,… the number of babies born here continues to decline. According to Statistics Korea… around 98-thousand babies were born in the first three months of this year. That’s a more than twelve percent drop compared to the same period a year ago. By way […]

Korea on course for record-low childbirth and marriage rates in 2016

Korea is on course this year to record its lowest-ever numbers of new marriages and childbirths. According to Statistics Korea, in the first nine months of this year, 317-thousand babies were born,… a decline of 5 percent from the same period last year. A similar trend was seen in the marriage rate… as 205-thousand couples […]

Providing childbirth breaks, paid maternity leave encourage women in workforce

Promoting work-life balance is becoming increasingly more important in Korea as it directly relates to birthrates. Studies are ongoing to find out ways to encourage women to have more kids and prevent them from discontinuing work after childbirth. One valid option is improving paid maternity leave. Kim Ji-yeon zooms in on why these measures should […]

Pregnant women living in fine dust-filled regions at higher risk of giving birth prematurely: Study

Yesterday, we reported about how fine dust weighed on the local economy… today, we have a new study that says high levels of fine dust affects the health of pregnant women here in Korea. Oh Soo-young has more. Pregnant women living in dust-filled areas have an increased risk of going into early labor. Researchers from […]