My First Pregnant Scooter Chase for 24 Hours! (Worst Pregnancy Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

Funniest Pregnancy Announcement Reactions Ever! MUST WATCH Compilation

Escaping Game Master Safe House with Mystery Gift Drop! (Announcement Date Reveal Overnight at 3am)

Surprise Pregnancy Announcements That’ll Make You Happycry

– “Expect the arrival of your first grandchild,” what? – [Voiceover] Oh! – What? What? (screaming and laughing) We’re havin’ a baby! – Look at this one. Oh! Are you pregnant? (all screaming) Oh my God! Oh my God! – (screaming and laughing) No kidding! Are you really? Are you really, are you really? Oh! […]

Which BEST FRIEND Goes MISSING First? (Worst GAME MASTER Disguise Wins) | Rebecca Zamolo

getting the disguise Daniel what do I need what I need to wear black leggings in lecture here yeah well he got to be in like full suit you got to look like one of the GM I guy what color is my hair supposed to be you got to be a brunette Burnett you […]

Pranking My Parents with Our Big Pregnancy Announcement!

– [Woman On phone] I’m going to be a mom? Is this for real? – Yeah, we wanted to be on the phone with you while you watch this. ♪ And 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sitting on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you ♪ ♪ Writing about you […]

The Most IMPORTANT Video I’ve Ever Made (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Matt: “Are we pregant?” “Are we pragnent?” “Are we pargant?” “Are we Gragnent?” “Are we pegnate? Help!?” “Is there a possibility that Steph and I are pegrent?” “Are we pregegnant or are we okay?” “Could Steph and I be pregonate?” “How do we know if WE’RE pregnan?” “Can u get prrregante?” “Can u down a […]

We Had A Baby • Ned & Ariel

we had a baby the baby’s here he’s right over there we’ll meet him a little later let’s tell the story of how this all happened not that story not the story of how babies happen how the birth happened yes labor labor no I just bumped it Wes came four week early he was […]

Telling Family I’m Pregnant!

– Okay, so today’s video is a lot of fun. We were trying to figure out a way to tell some of our family members that I’m pregnant, and we ended up kind of pranking them. – So about a month ago, we did a video with my sister Colleen where we reacted to old […]


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen, and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my pregnancy announcement. But for those of you who are not interested in the […]