OmG!What’s A little monkey doing on newborn baby monkey?/Mum fight big baby to protect small monkey

Unbelievable Nova Keep Not Nurse Newborn Baby just Keep him Nearly Why Why/Sweet Baby Monkey

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with Baby Black Bears

-Robert Irwin. How you doing, buddy? -Oh, I am beaut bonza. Thank you. How are you? -I’m good. Are you — What? You’re a beaut bonza? -I’m beaut bonza, yeah. -Now, you always teach me some new word. And what does that mean? -Yeah, well, beaut bonza just means amazing. -Just terrific. -Okay. -It’s the […]

Baby Pandas: Mother Gives Birth to Twin Panda Babies: Amazing Rare Footage At Zoo Atlanta

00:03 COMM: Proud panda mum, Lun Lun, surprised staff at Zoo Atlanta, when she gave birth to not 1, but 2 babies this week. The cubs are the first panda twins to be born in the USA since 1987, shocking and delighting staff at the zoo. 00:20 COMM: After just 1 hour of labour, the […]

Cameras Capture the Birth of 14 Black Mambas

NARRATOR: Mercury, the black mamba, has found the ideal snake nursery. But this is not a private birthing ward. This custom-built termite mound is rigged with surveillance equipment and delicate lighting. She will be depositing her precious cargo live on television. The vigil at Mercury’s nest site continues for four long days and nights. And […]

Un crapaud accouche par le dos ! – ZAPPING SAUVAGE

Here’s Darwin’s Frog. Once the female has laid its eggs on the humid soil, and once the male has fertilized, this one apparently eats them. However, they don’t land in its stomach, but in its vocal sac Inside, they develop and wiggle around, And once ready… the first one comes out jumping followed by another… […]


Good morning, John. [Hank makes goat noise] You know how I said that I lost the charger to my camcorder… Well, I did, and I don’t have any way to record this video. So, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of footage that I took over at mom and dad’s house, some of it, […]

Celebs Watch Animal Birth For The First Time

– Oh my– – Ugh. – Oh! – Oh! – Oh! – Nat, what do you know about childbirth? What do you know about childbirth? – Well– – A whole lot actually, I’ve studied it in school. – We’re here because of it. – I’ve witnessed a Kardashian birth. – How was the Kardashian birth? […]

Sea-Section: Incredible Shark Birth Caught on Camera

00:00 GIRL: Yay oh my god this is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen 00:06 COMM: A family outing turned into an incredible emergency c-section shark birth caught on camera. 00:14 COMM: Restaurant owners Beth and Lindsey Cordell were walking along the coast of Georgia, USA with their three children and a friend when they […]