Tackling Child Marriage: An Economic Approach | Dr Zaki Wahhaj | Think Kent

My name is Dr Zaki Wahhaj and I’m a senior lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Kent. My research focuses on developing countries and in particular I’m interested in how social and cultural practices are sustained in societies and how they evolve. In today’s lecture I’m going to talk about the […]

Wildebeest Gives Birth To Clumsy Calf

COMM: It’s February, which means it’s time for wildebeest to give birth. And Yulia Sundukova has traveled to Tanzania specially to film the new calves being born. COMM: Incredibly, 80% of all the wildebeest females give birth in the same two to three week period. Wildebeests are a kind of antelope, but unlike other antelopes, […]

Cameras Capture the Birth of 14 Black Mambas

NARRATOR: Mercury, the black mamba, has found the ideal snake nursery. But this is not a private birthing ward. This custom-built termite mound is rigged with surveillance equipment and delicate lighting. She will be depositing her precious cargo live on television. The vigil at Mercury’s nest site continues for four long days and nights. And […]

A Daughter’s Journey | Family reunion for woman abandoned at birth | Sunday Night

Watch This Wild Buffalo Give Birth

Come on, one more push, you can do it. It’s almost out. *gasp* Hey, it’s moving. Is it moving? Yep. She’s busy… Cleaning it? …cleaning it, and… Well, she doesn’t stand up right away? Um, she’ll clean it and the youngster will struggle a bit. Look, it’s now busy kicking the legs. (I don’t know […]

Hospital Infected me with HIV during Pregnancy-Lilian Atieno | Tuko TV

What does the doctor mean If he decides to kill my only child Why decide to kill my one and only child They have killed me completely I am asking the government to look into this issue They have completely finished me We were now talking to the hospital administrator He told Lilian to take […]

Maama Story: Mary Nalukwago | Post-Birth – “I was in unbearable pain”

It was Sunday the September 24, 2014; we spent the day in Muduuma at the church because they were electing new church committees. I was feeling fine the entire time but on our way back it started raining heavily. It was towards the evening and the rain was very destructive. It stopped raining at around […]

The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village

– I’m trying to do like, a 2-foot skank, and it is not dropping- woah! I’ve never felt so white in my life. Amongst the Samburu tribes of northern Kenya, where the desert merges with the foothills of Mount Kenya, women have been living under a harsh patriarchal system for as long as they can […]