How to Deliver a Baby: Police Officer Training Film (Video of Live Birth)

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The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, […]

Peeing Yourself

Today’s word of the day is micturate Did you come here to listen to me talk about juvenile topics and tell bad puns? Well, URINE luck! *Laughing* What?! You didn’t? Aww, that really PISSES me off. You all read the title! You know what this video’s gonna be about! Pee ing yourself. [Background voice] JAMES […]


– Hey everyone, I’m Colleen and I’m working on a really awesome video for you, but I think it’s gonna come out tomorrow or the next day. It’s just taking me a really long time to edit because there is so much footage. But today I have a little special snippet for you to watch. […]