Is a Fetus a Human? What to know before talking about the morality of abortion

I know abortion is a very contentious issue and that’s an understatement as I see a lot of people when they’re arguing online in different places when they’re arguing about abortion is they basically end up getting hung up on the argument of whether or not a fetus is a human being or not and […]

Inside Down syndrome – Making The Choice

card with music Thought oh gosh, I’m gonna go home with her you know and I thought we’d be more isolated and our life is gonna change completely because that’s what I was hearing from the Geneticists, I just didn’t know how to react to it I had all these expectations of of parenthood and […]

Victoria Derbyshire show – Parents face pressure to abort child with Down’s sydrome

What kind of support did you get from the NHS? None. To be frank. None to be frank. unfortunately. They must have said something? What did they say? They said well we had the results privately so we went back to these are the results what next they said we’d be having appointments with a […]

Four Losses

Hi, I’m Julie Weber of Liberate Ministries. Have you ever sat under a teaching and heard the words abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and thought to yourself, oh, there are those words again. I wonder what they really mean? They never pertain to my life. Please don’t mention them again. Today’s topic is: […]

Wicca sacrifices dead fetuses?! – BatShitCrazy Zone!

let’s let’s talk about the bloody truth about abortion in Wicca witchcraft let’s let’s talk about how that relates to this subject doctor Scott Jack Paola traveling through much dimensional not only paranoia and delusions he is a journey in 2001 just landed his bounds that surely should your next the batch degrees are you […]

Romney Made Money From Aborted Fetus Disposal

well what he’s not going to be able to make the case for is that heat didn’t invest in a company that made money from aborted fetus disposal this is incredible earlier in the year mit romney i’d answer some questions about huffington post reporting that in nineteen ninety nine romney was part of an […]

Stillborn Child – Lucy Roshan – Part 1

Hello ! Dear friends today I have the privilege of introducing to you a very special person her name is Lucy and she is married to the Roshan.She is a mother of five children, four here and one in heaven I have known and heard a lot about you and it is always amazing to […]