Роды. Перидуральная (эпидуральная) анестезия © Сhildbirth. Peridural anesthesia

For epidural anesthesia, two and a half percent solution of Trimecain is used. when creating a lemon peel for holding the main needle, individual sensitivity to the anesthetic is checked a needle with mondrenum is inserted into the epidural space between the second and third lumbar vertebrae cut in that direction where it is necessary […]

Потуги при родах, декомпрессия, сердцебиение плода © labor attempts. Decompression, fetal heart

Using the device “Partekust” recorded contractile activity of the uterus and fetal heartbeat as soon as it is installed regular labor and labor become painful abdominal decompression can be applied abdominal decompression provides analgesia, without reducing labor and without adversely affecting the condition of the fetus vacuum is gradually created up to 500 millimeters of […]

Осмотр первобеременной, схватки © Pain during childbirth, Analgesia

In the maternity hospital received first-pregnant, not undergoing physio-psycho-preventive training Established the beginning of the first period of labor Blood pressure is normal, in such a situation, to obtain a sedative effect, you can use “Seduxen”, belonging to the group of ataracts. Two milliliters of a half-percent solution, 10 milligrams, is injected intramuscularly. It can […]