Потуги при родах, декомпрессия, сердцебиение плода © labor attempts. Decompression, fetal heart

Using the device “Partekust” recorded contractile activity of the uterus and fetal heartbeat as soon as it is installed regular labor and labor become painful abdominal decompression can be applied abdominal decompression provides analgesia, without reducing labor and without adversely affecting the condition of the fetus vacuum is gradually created up to 500 millimeters of […]

Диагностика тазового и головного предлежания плода © Diagnosis of breech and head fetal position

pelvic presentation observed in 3-4 percent of laboring women it is recognized by the external method and vaginal examination The height of standing of the uterus with pelvic presentation higher than the cephalic presentation pelvic presentation cephalic presentation diagnosis of the presentation of the fetus is important for choosing the mode of delivery When pelvic […]

Второй период родов, период изгнания © Second stage of Labour

second stage of labor second stage of labor, stage of expulsion starts from the moment of complete disclosure of the cervix and ends with the birth of a fetus requires constant monitoring of the doctor for the condition of the woman and the fetus the most important part of the birth canal is the pelvis […]


Since Soviet times is considered, that any doctor who He graduated from higher education Institution, mandatory order must be able to provide emergency aid. And cornerstones states in which must understand any Doctor, are: birth, appendicitis and asphyxia. In the first three issues, devoted to the subject, we will talk about childbirth. Hello, my good! […]

Осмотр первобеременной, схватки © Pain during childbirth, Analgesia

In the maternity hospital received first-pregnant, not undergoing physio-psycho-preventive training Established the beginning of the first period of labor Blood pressure is normal, in such a situation, to obtain a sedative effect, you can use “Seduxen”, belonging to the group of ataracts. Two milliliters of a half-percent solution, 10 milligrams, is injected intramuscularly. It can […]

#real childbirth kittens #okot part 2 / #реальные роды котят #окот часть 2

Дымок и Пуговка (часть вторая) Ждем следующих котят Папа периодически приходит с проверкой посмотреть как ситуация проверяет состояние мамы состояние детенышей все внимательно осматривает бывает и такое что он залезает к ним но сегодня пока не решается папа на отчаянный поступок все проверил удостоверился что все спокойно и пошел дальше по своим делам. Уважаемые зрители […]


Every woman is planning to will soon become mother wants, as much as possible learn more about the occurrence pregnancy. As the egg is fertilized for 24 hours after ovulation feel offensive Pregnancy can not sooner than three weeks after last menstrual period. So now we will tell on the first and the main sign […]