Stages of Labor : Active 1st Stage Labor Time Frame

So, these are the time frames and what’s going
on with your body, in active first stage labor. Here, your cervix is dilating four to seven
centimeters, the contractions are closer together now, their about three to five minutes apart.
Their going to last anywhere from about sixty seconds long. Your time frame, this is much
shorter than early fist stage labor. This is only four to twelve hours. Now, remember
again, with time frames and contractions, these are just estimates, yours might be very
different. You probably are not going to have longer than twelve hours for active, but it
is possible. It’s most likely you’ll be on the shorter side, hopefully. So, and your
contractions too, they might be closer than this, they might be longer than this. It’s
more about emotionally what’s going on. So, to show you with the cervix here, is your
going from four to seven. So, this is four right here, and seven would be in between
right here. So, you’re going from here, all the way to there, and that’s really truly
happening. You want to keep moving during this time because the goal is, is to get the
baby deeper in the pelvis. Here’s your baby, you want that baby deep, deep, deep in the
pelvis. The more you walk, the more you move, the more upright you are, it’s easier for
the baby to go into the pelvis. So, those are time frames and physical things that are
happening in your body in active first stage labor.

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