Royal Baby birth: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcome baby boy, live stream

3 thoughts on “Royal Baby birth: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcome baby boy, live stream

  • Prince Harry married a commoner with fantasy dreams. A woman all about her. Meghan and Prince Harry should just live there lives. Nothing really to show as accomplishments as Princess Diana. I have seen both their lives as fantasy, drama and people who are all about themselves. People who don't care about anyone else. Its so sad because their generation doesn't do anything unless there is something for them. Loved so much and given so little or nothing. Hopefully their bought baby gives more. As media listed the baby was delivered by another woman. I wish this couple the best. I am sure they have lots of pressure. Meghan looks white. She disliked Trump but she is just like him.

  • A military ship was over in Japan and it had the good Senator McCain's name on it is someone actually disrespected John McCain I covering it up so Donald Trump wouldn't see it that's a sin and that's total disrespect for the good senator at least John McCain served his country With Honor however Donald John Trump is a certified wimp failed to serve in the military 5 * because of bone spurs but there's no medical records to support that

  • I just learnt on the radio they actually used Atop The covered the good senator's name on that vessel is total disrespect to Senator John McCain unbelievable I bet any money that Donald Trump made that possible I wouldn't put it past him

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