Pregnant After Taking Plan B!

Pregnant After Taking Plan B!

Hi guys…. Today I’m going to be talking about how I found out that I was pregnant and apparently somehow got pregnant after taking a “Plan B” So um a little backstory would be that, I’ve been on birth control before and it made me a crazy hormonal bitch and it just ridiculous the way that I am when I’m on birth control. So I talked to my doctor about it, and she.. With that information and the fact that there is breast cancer in my family history, and that we don’t know if it’s genetic or not. Bases on that she decided to change the prescription that I was on to a lower dosage one. I believe. So.. When I went to go pick it up from the pharmacy , because it’s one of those things you have to pick up It ended up being a hundred dollars for one month supply of birth control. And I was like oh hell no, that’s not happening. I can not afford that, that is ridiculously priced Why is this one hundred dollars? So somehow my Mom ended up getting me the um.. the one that get sent to you every like three months. Like they send you a three month supply and in like two months you’ll get the next three months and so on and so forth And that was fine, but again it made me really hormonal, my mood changed like ridiculously fast. It was crazy, like I would get into fights with my now Fiance over the smallest things. And I was like wait this isn’t me. This isn’t the person that I am. So I stopped taking them And the only birth control method I would say, if you can even call it that, that we were using at the time was just condoms. And we would have trouble with that too. Like the weirdest things would happen with them I don’t want to get too into details, but I ended needing to get a “Plan B” In November of 2015, two years ago So I got that and fast forward to December of 2015 and I’m suppose to get my period. And for me it’s like normal for my period to be late a few days or early. It’s very very irregular. So it’s like a few days go by, okay I’m not worried. Then a week goes by and I’m like okay where is my period? Like hello. And then I think it’s 12 days and my boyfriend and I were at “Target” and the tests happen to be on sale So I was like I might as well get one just in case. Like I don’t think I am, but it’s still like a possibility That like somehow the “Plan B” failed So, fast forward to December 24th, Christmas Eve. And during the day my boyfriend and I decided to go to the mall. And I know, the worst day ever to go to the mall, it’s Christmas Eve. Oh my god why, why did we decide to go do that? I don’t know. And him and I end up eating at this Thai restaurant that we use to go to at the Northridge Mall. And we both had before and everything was fine, but this time….. shhhhhhhhh This time he gets sick the second we get home and ends up knocking out and I get sick later on at night And I.. I end up throwing up and getting sick and it was terrible. And he just he was sleeping on the bed and he rolled over and he was like are you okay? And I was like I don’t know what’s wrong. So that was just weird. And I just thought okay maybe it was just the food that we ate, because him and I were both sick.So it must have been the food So December 28th my period still has not come so I thought okay I’m going to take one of these tests and it was like 11 o’clock at night and it was like..I was like the only person that was awake. So I took the test and like went into the bathroom. The second I peed on that test, here comes the positive plus sign. And oh my god, I was like okay this is not right, I need to take another test. This must be a false positive or something . So I take another one and the test, I got like six different tests. But I took them all within a course of three days. I had “Clear Blue” and what’s the other one…. I forget the other one, but all of them positive the second I peed on them. Okay so like at this point I am shocked like it was not my first morning urine. It was like I’m about to go to bed and the second it hits it, it’s positive. So I took the “Clear Blue” tests that have the um amount of weeks So I peed on that one and it said three weeks plus. So I ended up downloading one of the apps. And being like what is this and meanwhile I sent my boyfriend a picture of the test. And I was like holy crap I’m pregnant. And you know what is response is because he knows I’m bad at dealing with things like that. And he was just like “You know what’s funny, is that you’re the youngest kid and your kid is going to be the oldest.” Like the most amazing thing that he could have said to me and he knew that it would have just like calmed me down and just been like made me smile. It made me really happy By the time I actually go to the doctor, and I’m like I have this positive pregnancy test. I had like six positive pregnancy tests They are like “Okay well we still need you to pee in this cup, and we’ll let you know.” And I was like okay, so I did that And they are like yeah you’re pregnant. So I’m like okay what’s the next step. Make sure you’re taking a prenatal and drinking a lot of water and stuff. And I’m like but I got pregnant after taking a “Plan B”. And they are like well “Plan B” is not 100% like preventable, like it’s 99.9% i think. And I followed all of the rules with taking a “Plan B”. I took it within three days everything. I guess I was that .01% chance that I got pregnant. So let this be a lesson to you, you can get pregnant Be safe, make sure you are taking all kinds of ways to prevent pregnancy. To protect yourself and yeah, just let this be a lesson because I don’t know. I don’t feel like I don’t regret it because then I wouldn’t have this little miracle back there. This little precious baby girl. She’s sick right now. But I do wish that like it would have been later on like waited a few more years to have her, but I don’t regret it, because then I wouldn’t of had her Alright guys, let this be a lesson to you and that’s it. Bye!

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  • I'm so scared. I took Plan B before the 72 hour mark which is recommended & well my period is suppose to come tomorrow, yet I have no period symptoms. I heard that plan b is less effective if you're over 165 pounds & completely ineffective at 170. I currently weigh 167 and I'm scared to death waiting on my period…but now I know plan b really doesn't work on everyone 🙁

  • YEESSSSS!!! Not pregnant! Thank u universe! Lol the pill obviously messed up my system- big time! I'm so happy…I already have a 4 yr old…and she's more than enough of a handful for me! Lol

  • I stopped taking birth control because of the hormonal side effects. I'm allergic to latex and react a bit to lamb skin but still use it because my daughter will be two and even though I know I know I can support two children, I also know I would just make it by and I do not want to put another child into this world knowing we would just make it by, you know? So I took plan B, and now I'm a week late. I'm only 110lbs (perfectly healthy for my height) and the pain after plan B was excruciating. Anyways, if plan B failed, I'm gunna be quite angry lol

  • I have a question, when you take a plan b pill do you have to eat something before you take it? or you can still take it when you haven't ate nothing?

  • My plan B is to always give the girls my throw away cell phone number and always use fake names…100% effective haven't failed me once. Thanks Plan B!!!

  • On my Bfs account so I took the pill on the third day and I'm supposed to get my period on the 19 and it's 18 I'm worried

  • Hello I took plan b right now… i had unprotected sex yesterday with my partner. He didn't came in me at all (so no real sperm actually went in it) I've also read that pre cum can get someone pregnant so my question is … is there a way i got pregnant by precum even after i took the pill in 10 hours after sex?

  • yeah it says on the box it has a 75% chance of working. It also says on the box if you are already pregnant that it will not prevent it. Which leads me to believe that you just took some pill without reading the box or doing any research on it.

    but somehow you ended up pregnant.

  • It’s important to be Contraception knowledgeable and understand it always decreases pregnancy but not always stops it

    In general, I’ve noticed a lot of people only use Plan B contraception or that and condom

    Is Plan B only Contraceptive you used ?
    do you use condom as well ?
    Is your weight the limit or over the limit ?
    Did you use Plan B before or close to the time limit ?

    and what’s the time table of your pregnancy?
    there’s possibility you were already pregnant which then of course it fails, it’s not abortion
    it stops the process itself of fertilization NOT egg uterus detachment

  • Well I was ovulating when I took a plan b pill I took it within the time frame and i was scared to death because around the time I was supposed to get my period it never came but a few days later it came I’m so happy!

  • So I was 8 days Late on my period, I bleed for 2 days only ,I took plan b the day I was ovulating, I’ve been feeling tired dizzy grossed out..then took the pregnancy test and came out negative..I’m confused if I’m pregnant or you guys think I’m pregnant?

  • Plan B only prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg – it doesn't do anything if the sperm and egg have already met. Fast swimming sperm can reach the egg in 30 minutes during ovulation. So if you don't take Plan B within 30 minutes of unprotected sex while you're ovulating, it could be COMPLETELY USELESS. Your best bet at emergency contraception at that point is Ella, which prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus and is still 85% effective.

  • Hi so me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday afternoon and the condom broke but he didn’t come so we stil got plan b after 2 hours, and then after I took plan b 10-20 mins after we had sex again and he came in like 30 mins after but with a condom and we saw the condom broken.. do you think I should take another plan b later today? Or the pill that I took would still work?

  • I’m so scared I slept with this guy and he didn’t tell me till 6 hours later that he came in me a lot of times I was shocked tbh and he took me to cvs and bought me the $50 pill the thing is I took it 7 hours later and I hear sperm travels really fast and can get u pregnant even before taking the pill 😭 I’m scared it’s not going too work

  • The condom broke last night I would be happy AF if I find out my girlfriend is pregnant she doesn't want to get pregnant till me and her can give our child a better life so I bought her the plan b pill that same night I hate the fact that she has to put those chemicals in her body I told her you don't have to take it if you don't wanna take it

  • Is this heffer in her child hood bed room talking about going on the pill and using plan b multiple times? Where are your parents? Why aren’t they watching you? If you can’t afford birth control don’t have sex!

  • When did yo take your plan b so I took mines like the next day. Some hours like at 10pm Could I still become pregnant but I been having back pains

  • Welp, I had sex – accident happened with condom – apparently, i just found out at the gyn, the accident happened on the last day of ovulating cycle. I don;t think i'm pregnant because the sperm takes days to travel to the egg. Those bastards wont see anything waiting for them there. (I hope) <__< waiting to see what happens.

  • I took my way pill and I was late on my poried spotting 5 days stopped still tummy crampsn pain

  • So I took a plan b less than 24hrs after unprotected sex BUT i was ovulating that day. I’ve been having cramping since that week along with mood swings, back pain, cravings, headaches, and starting this week tender breast like really tender breast. Can I be pregnant?

    Also, I’ve been suffering from insomnia for the past 2weeks(it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve taken the plan b)

  • what yall think ? my period ended july 5th and i ended up taking a plan b on the 11th . i waited 3 days to take plan b and within those 3 days he came in me multiple times . the app i got said i was ovulating but i didn’t kno until afterwards when i checked it . i had gotten spotting about a week later for bout 2 days n then it stopped however i’m not sure if it was spotting or my period came early but if it was my period it came twice in one month within a week of my last period so i’m not sure . i’m 10 days late i took a pregnancy test 5days ago but it said negative. has this happened to anybody ?

  • It’s possible that u were already pregnant I mean I’m sure now ur happy with your kid lol

    But the fact that all ur HPT were positive.. idk it doesn’t sound like the pill failed … you were already pregnant! Cause it’s 95 percent effective if u take within 24 hours!

    Anyways that info is for those who don’t have kids

    Thank you for your story!

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