Pizza Chains That Are Sadly Disappearing Across The Country

Pizza Chains That Are Sadly Disappearing Across The Country

With all the nation’s love for pizza, the
competition is fiercer than ever. Pizza chains are fighting for slices of the pie, and many
are closing stores left and right. These pizzerias might be in your town today, but there’s no
guarantee they’ll still be there tomorrow. In terms of American pizza chains, there’s
not many that have had bigger success than Pizza Hut. What started in 1958 as a small
pizza shop named “Pizza Hut” only because the sign could fit just eight letters grew
to a global brand. Not all is well with Pizza Hut, though, and
the brand known for their distinctively shaped buildings is in trouble. In August 2019, Nation’s
Restaurant News reported that Pizza Hut was planning to shut down nearly 500 locations.
Even with around 7,000 locations in the United States alone, shuttering 500 stores is no
small pepperoni. As for the reason that your local Pizza Hut
might soon be locking its doors, it’s all about how people are getting their pizza.
With the emergence of online ordering and delivery services like Uber Eats, not as many
people are choosing to eat their pizza inside a sit-down pizza place like Pizza Hut. There’s
a bit of good news: the company plans t o convert some of those old dine-in locations
to delivery/takeout units, so you’ll probably still be able to order a pizza from Pizza
Hut, you’ll just have to eat it someplace else. “Well that’s where I see things just a little
bit differently. Contract or no, I will not bow to any sponsor.” It’s rough for all-you-can-eat buffets these
days, and Cicis is struggling just like so many other buffets across the US. The pizza chain has been around since the
mid-1980s and offers customers unlimited access to their buffet for one low price, and while
that affordability certainly helps out families on a budget, it hasn’t necessarily been able
to keep the chain from losing stores. In 2018, New York saw all of its Cicis locations
close. The chain’s corporate office didn’t say why it shuttered stores in the Empire
State, but it’s suspected that the increase in the minimum wage was too much for Cicis
to handle. Grand Blanc, Michigan also lost its Cicis in November 2018, and Springfield,
Missouri lost its store after an embezzlement investigation. One possible reason for Cicis struggles may
simply be that customers want more than a product that’s cheap. According to Restaurant
Business, quick-service pizza chains like Cicis ranked in the bottom 10 when it came
to guest satisfaction and Cicis Pizza has seen its consumer satisfaction decrease by
6.7 points. While we’re on the subject about the hard
times of buffet pizza chains, let’s talk about one that’s got a big mess on its hands. If
you grew up in Texas or in the Southern U.S., there’s a good chance you attended more than
one birthday party at Mr. Gatti’s Pizza. The chain has been a Texas pizza staple since
the 1960s and has seen better days. In September of 2018, 13 of Mr. Gatti’s stores
in its home city of Austin, Texas were sold to another franchise group. That might not
have been earth-shaking news, but just a few months later in January 2019, the owner of
the pizza chain, Sovrano LLC, filed for bankruptcy. According to the court filing, the company,
quote, “failed to maximize revenues due in part to underperforming stores at several
locations.” As for the folks of the franchise group who bought those 13 Austin-area Mr.
Gatti’s locations, they later sued and argued they were swindled into buying a struggling
business. With news like that, it’s really no surprise
locations in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Boonville, Indiana shut their doors around
the same time. Your local Mr. Gatti’s might be safe today, but with the turmoil the company
is going through, it could be gone any day. If you’re a parent who is struck with dread
every time your child gets an invitation to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, we
have some good news. You may not have to go anymore. That’s right, the pizza chain designed
for kids isn’t quite as popular as it once was. The company has struggled over the last several
years, and found itself in competition with the advancements of digital gaming and the
overall decline of chain restaurants. Even trampoline parks are giving ol’ Chuck E. Cheese’s
a run for its money. As for the restaurants themselves, well, they’ve shut their doors
because of everything from rodent infestations to brawls. Yes, those violent altercations
between customers that occasionally make the media rounds can result in store closures.
Way to ruin kids’ fun, there, grown-ups. While those may have been incidents affecting
only a few particular stores, there’s also that viral internet rumor started to spread,
alleging that the chain recycled its pizza. Chuck E. Cheese’s said the idea that they
recycled their pizza was, quote, “unequivocally false,” but nonetheless, that sort of publicity
is never good for a brand’s image. When a deal is a little too good, it can come
back to haunt a brand. Take Little Caesars five dollar Hot-N-Ready pizza. It’s a great
deal for customers, but for franchise owners, maybe not so much. Those $5 pizzas were not a hit with businessman
Alan Knox, who closed all of his 21 Kansas City locations in 2018, because he didn’t
want to play along with the Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready deal. Knox argued that he couldn’t
make a profit at that price point. Kansas City did later see two Little Caesars open
in 2019 — they just weren’t owned by Alan Knox. It’s not just the Kansas City area that has
seen its Little Caesars locations vanish recently. Locations in Clemson, South Carolina, Victoria,
Texas, and Spokane, Washington have also closed their doors in the last year. While no reason
for the Clemson or Victoria closures was given, the Spokane Little Caesars was a victim of
being located inside a Kmart. Your local Little Caesars may be safe for
now, but if the company isn’t careful, the lucrative $5 Hot-N-Ready deal could seal its
fate. Todd Messer, a spokesperson for the Independent Organization of Little Caesar
Franchisees, put it this way: “The $5 price point … has become an unprofitable
business model for many and is fast becoming unprofitable for many more.” Papa’s in trouble, people. In November 2018,
the chain announced that they would be closing 51 locations, as sales had dipped almost 10
percent in the United States and three percent internationally. As for the reason behind
Papa John’s troubles, well, it’s been pretty well-documented in the mainstream media that
the chain’s founder, John Schnatter, got himself and the brand in trouble for using a racial
slur. Papa John’s worked to improve its image by
replacing its CEO and launching a “voices of Papa John’s” campaign, but that only helped
so much. Papa John’s current CEO, Steve Ritchie, hasn’t been shy about blaming Papa John’s
struggles on, quote, “the negative impact of media coverage.” There’s been some serious
damage done: the company lost $13 million in 2018 from the fallout. “That’s my box.” “This pie was found at a crime scene.” “My pizza never hurt nobody.” “Come again, sir?” A year later and Papa John’s was still struggling
to rebuild its brand back to what it once was. The company hasn’t closed as many stores
in 2019 as it did in 2018, but they’re still closing. According to Restaurant Business,
franchise operators are struggling to compete with other pizzerias in a crowded marketplace,
and are therefore they’re still facing some major difficulties. For mall shoppers looking for a meal that’s
a little more upscale than something like Sbarro, California Pizza Kitchen has been
the answer since its inception in 1985. Like many other casual-dining chain restaurants,
the chain is feeling the crunch of dropping sales as consumers look for other ways to
spend their dining-out dollars. As a result, California Pizza Kitchen has seen its sales
drop by 1.6 percent and it seems to be losing stores in its restaurant fleet. In the summer of 2019, the chain closed California
Pizza Kitchen locations in popular dining areas near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Arlington
Heights, Illinois, and the only two locations it had in Washington state. The company remained
mum on the reasons behind the closures, but it doesn’t take a detective to uncover why
the chain is closing up shop in some areas. The restaurants typically operate in areas
with very high rents and, as in the case of its shuttered Manhattan location, sales just
weren’t covering the cost of business. In August 2019, the chain announced that it
would be trying out take-and-bake as a way to boost its sales. It’s probably still too
early to tell if this strategy will be enough to keep the doors open at your local California
Pizza Kitchen, so it might be a good idea to enjoy that BBQ chicken pizza while you
still can. Just a note to any future pizzapreneurs — maybe
avoid having “papa” in your name. Papa John’s isn’t the only papa having trouble, as Papa
Murphy’s is also struggling to keep their doors open. Papa Murphy’s is unlike other big pizzeria’s
because patrons only have the option of take-and-bake. While this approach might be good for saving
costs on things like labor and store size, it wasn’t enough to keep them from closing
97 restaurants in 2018. It’s never a good thing when a company has
13 straight quarters of sales declines. Papa Murphy’s is also struggling to handle competition
from other pizza chains, which results in units closing. In an age of online ordering, Papa Murphy’s
only jumped on keeping up with the competition through an online ordering app in the fall
of 2018. That’s a little late to the party and in a time when pizza-lovers want convenience,
who wants to order then bake their pizza? A make-your-own-pizza restaurant? A novel
idea, sure, but it’s a concept that’s struggled. “You remember that idea I had a few years
ago, about the pizza place where you make your own pizza?” “Yeah.” “What was that again?” “It’s a pizza place where you make your
own pie!” Since Blaze Pizza’s inception in 2011, it’s
climbed to nearly 400 locations and even attracted the attention of NBA superstar LeBron James.
But it’s seen some disappointing setbacks in that time, too. Two Blaze Pizza locations endorsed by James
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were shut down in 2018 because live flies and dead roaches
were found in the food preparation area. As gross as that may be, South Florida isn’t
the only part of the country that has recently seen its Blaze Pizza locations close up shop. According to The Gazette, the chain closed
both of its Colorado locations after just a year in business. While the company didn’t
give any specific reason for why it packed up and left Colorado, the competitive Colorado
restaurant market was likely a factor. Pizza fans west of the Mississippi may not
be as familiar with the Marco’s Pizza brand as those in the Eastern part of the United
States, but the pizzeria has been around for 40 years. As QSR Magazine notes, it’s only
in the last 15 years or so that the chain has really ballooned and gone from 126 stores
to over 900. Still, there are quite a few examples of the
chain biting the dust with its rapid expansion. In August 2018, the pizzeria closed up all
of its locations in New York state as well two locations in Illinois. No reason for any
of the closures was given at the time, but opening up shop only to leave town in a hurry
without any sort of indication why seems to be protocol for this pizzeria. In April 2019,
it was the same story in Salem, Ohio when a store closed its doors unexpectedly. According
to the Morning Journal, calls were made to the company’s corporate offices in Toledo,
but questions as to why the pizzeria closed went unanswered. Maybe a Marco’s Pizza will open up in your
town, just don’t expect any sort of Dear John letter when they decide to leave. Perhaps you’ve heard of Pizza Inn. They’ve
been around for over 60 years, and are continuing to do well today. What you may not know is
that their much newer sister company, Pie Five Pizza, is going through some rough times. In recent years, Pie Five Pizza has gone from
being somewhat of a pioneer in the quick service pizza market to a company that is witnessing
its sales decline and stores close up. From 2015 to 2018, Pie Five Pizza saw its sales
drop a staggering 34 percent and the number of its stores shrink. Things haven’t improved much for the company
as of late, either. By February of 2019, Pie Five was down from around 100 locations to
just 65. The company has tried to shift gears from being primarily a dine-in business to
one that’s focused on takeout, delivery, and drive-thru, but how well that’s working is
debatable. Sales at the chain hadn’t improved by May
of 2019 and store closures in Texas, Virginia, and Missouri all reflected that. Who knows? At this rate, soon there may be
nowhere left to get pizza at all! Check out one of our newest videos right here!
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  • Well, with local stores doing uber eats,doordash and people just making their own pizzas at home, I'm not surprised.

  • CiCi's has awful pizza plain and simple, Chucky Cheese always served frozen pizza yuck, Papa John's is really good pizza, and Little Ceasers is okay for $5 but I can live without it,

  • Lil Ceaser's in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area are ONLY in poor neighborhoods the rich people don't want one in their rich neighborhood areas and are banned in that area so poor people are only relegated to the chains of Dominoes, papa john's and pizza hut here in the city but sit down pizza restaurants in the downtown areas are too expensive one pizza place cost $25.00 just too order thewhole pizza no slices not counting drinks plus a seven percent tax in the city!!!

  • There is way to much speculation with this video and painting all problems with a broad brush to cover cause and effect issues. Businesses and rich people are leaving NY because of the extremely high state taxes that target them. Restaurants boom in one area and bust in another and it has nothing to do with a bad business plan or poor management. Some areas or regions of America just prefer different restaurants or different types of food. What works in one state may not work in another. I live in a small town in the south (15 -20 thousand) and this town has always had half a dozen each of pizza, mexican , chinese, burger & fries and steak restaurants. Not much else works here for whatever reason. Folks like their burgers & fries and pizza one day and the next its mexican and chinese and the weekend its steak. Seems every town is different. One thing is still true, the ma & pa type restaurants almost always have the best food.

  • Minimum wage hikes make everyone poor rather than a select group. The goal is to get a better job, not deliver pizza for your whole life. The whole livable wage argument is flawed.

  • While I do love Pizza Hut I gotta admit I love my small town pizza place family run for decades with loyal customers
    Love a Bici’s pizza

  • The trouble Pizza Hut is having has nothing to do with GrubHub and Uber Eats. The pizza just sucks. It always has, but people used to buy it because it didn't have that much competition in some areas, and because of advertising. These days, there's just more competition, and it's harder to advertise to as broad of an audience as you could in past decades; you had TV and radio back then, maybe a handful of super popular magazines you could reach a giant audience with, and it was that simple. Now audiences are scattered across so many different places; probably half the population doesn't even watch regular TV anymore OR listen to AM/FM radio. The main thing though is that Pizza Hut's pizza just isn't that good, and lots of places large and small have been popping up everywhere that are just better.

  • all of these chains eventually got too big and became a "Subway" quality version of themselves. The best pizza will always come from the stores have have very few or only one shop.

  • I can't speak for all but I can say the places that are good and still around my area and the ones I am glad are gone.

    1. Pizza Hut is still around and really popular here and it is actually pretty good
    2. Papa Johns I order pizza to eat pizza not media coverage or a racist asshole that used to be the CEO. Outside of that the pizza is great from where I get it here
    3. Marcos Pizza is still around my area and really its pretty good. Not as good as Pizza Hut or Papa Johns but its good for a change sometimes.

    Glad are gone or are gross

    1. Chuck e Cheese – simply put the ones around here are gross, basically run down, everything is broken and I am glad they're closing around here cause kids deserve to go somewhere better to have a good time. Like Dave N Busters which is far superior

    2. Little Caesars they're still around here but don't do very well. The pizza is gross as hell and I'd rather eat a ball of lettuce that get a pizza from this crap. Can't wait until they're gone.

    3. Cici's pizza used to be good but not anymore its all crap and I can't wait until they're gone. Just like Little Caesars

    4. Papa Murphys LOL they have always been terrible and are just like Little Caesars. Crap Pizza you cook yourself.

    I cannot speak for any not mentioned cause I have never had them

    But these days I prefer to make my own pizza at home as it taste much better

  • Dominos isn't on the hit list?That's a shame, they have gone WAY down hill almost as bad as little caesar's 🤮

  • When your pizza isn’t good and have to compete with mom and pop pizzerias you will loose business . Pizza Hut would rather skimp on sauce and cheese to save money . If places like Pizza Hut put lots of quality sauce and cheese on their pizza, like small business pizzerias do they wouldn’t be having problems .

  • I worked at Chuck E Cheese and a parent took a swing at me because I wouldn't let him out with his kid because he didn't have the stamp.

  • Papa John's is gross that's why they're losing revenue! They're pizza used to be really good I haven't ate they're in years now.

  • while i could live with most of these chains disappearing forever into history, Pizza Hut and Chuck E Cheese i would hate to see go, the former due to the fact that i think it's the best that fast food pizza can get, and it was the first time i ever ate pizza inside a pizza place, it is so much better fresh out of the oven.

    as for the latter, i've never been to Chuck E Cheese, but i always loved video arcades and Chuck was the best known of them, with Chuck's untimely demise it would mean that video arcades are as dead as disco, rather than just being something that was still enjoyable to an extent for a select group of ppl, and for a gamer, it's nice to look back on where it all began, and it began in arcades LONG before we could get to play at home.

  • Here's what you do. You buy a Walmart pizza on sale then you buy the toppings you want like green pepper, mushrooms, etc. Cut them in the size and quantity that YOU want them. Stir fry them and put them on the pizza and bake it. 'make it your way. If you are an olive and oregano freak and and your girlfriend likes pepperoni and basil you can make it half and half. I love pizza, but I haven't bought a premade pizza in 25 years. I like avocado and artichoke hearts on mine

  • We have Little Caesars, Dominos, Mazzios, Pizza Hut, & Marcos all in our neighborhood. They all do crazy business! We used to have Papa Johns but they are gone. O yea, we do still have a CiCi’s too.

  • I hate UNO pizza! It’s like a crust bowl, full of marinara & cheese slop! And don’t try getting one carry out, coz it’ll be everywhere by the time you get it home!

  • New Jersey has some great mom & pop places. Can't tell you how many great ones I've had. Salty, garlic-ey, really huge pies…good stuff. Like Preps on the Ocean City boardwalk, or Manny's pizzeria in Millville. Best places are those really old, out of the way local shops.

  • My local Papa Murphy's closed and it broke my heart. I'd often order a pizza when I got off work, and by the time I was out of the shower my pizza would be ready.

  • 1st reason i dont go to pizzahut anymore, cause they dont buy new stuff, so it seems they do not care, if you turn around the pizza, there are very black particles from the overused pans on the bottom of your pizza, do not eat those, i dont think you want to eat poison.

    the 2nd reason is, i was there and i ordered a thin crust pizza, italian like, what did they give me? a wooden board and it was not eatable, i am not kidding and when i asked if that was normal, the guy said, yea its absoloutly normal, i just thought to myself this is a case for gordon ramsay.

    the 3rd reason, once i ordered a pan pizza and what did i get? 1/3 of the pizza was burned on top, had no or little cheese, i did not enjoy it at all and i remember when the owner/manager told me once, ''they struggle'', yea.. no kidding, 0 quality and he is shocked when the resturant struggles, really they need to call gordon ramsay, what they are selling is disgustingly bad, im not talking about all pizza huts, but i wouldnt be suprised if that was the case in many other pizzahuts.


  • Little Caesars is my favorite chain because you can't beat the hot n ready price but it sucks to hear it's hurting the chain so badly lol

  • NEVER EVER eat at Pizza Hut. They use ingredients that have already spoiled or are close to being spoiled. My aunt works at one in WY and she said she was embarrassed by the ingredients and had to throw them away because she knows the other employees don’t care what they give you. Now she is a manager at that same Pizza Hut and fires half the staff. Pizza Hut is not always a good place to eat to say the least…

  • I know all to well about little Caesars in Kansas city so I'm 20 earlier this year I'm broke I'm driving from south Mississippi to Oregon so I drove for like forever it felt like and its cold as shit I'm exhausted I'm hungry I'm on a budget so I'm like yo when I get to Kansas city imma like stop and get a 5 dollar pizza from little Caesars Nope not happening lol I was pissed looked it up online and everything the closest one to there is like 3 or 4 hours away in Lincoln Nebraska

  • Personally I've only known pizza hut as a failure, they where chased out of Oslo in the early 90s and their rumor was pretty much garbage.. To me pizza hut has always been thst pizza place they talk about in movies

  • The best pizza is at your typically local mom and pop shop. Ironically as Papa Johns says "better ingredients, better pizza".

  • Yeah for the most part Domino's Pizza has been pretty stable I mean if I'm not going to my local pizza joints, Domino's is also a really good choice.

  • the thing is pizza hut maybe "failing" in the U.S but other countries its still popular, same like dominio's, if in your country you don't hear about it, it's still there and to be honest, learning logistics and supply chain management, it is rugling to actually remember each component of any business, i mean isn't good that watching videos about businesses isn't a good thing? tend to actually learn more and add that knowledge to what i was taught..i don't think about things that i should but i still manage to pull through when i put my mind to it..and what i learn and some of us would know this but franchising is important

  • Good. Fuck these Pizza chains and the overweight lazy piece of shit cunts who give a fuck. Make your own goddamn pizza you lazy sons of bitches.

  • You are so stupid about the closures of pizza places. CC's sux and should be closed, along with Little Caesars, both are horrible. Chuck E Cheese needs to close down. It is 3rd in line of horrible. The others, some I've tried and some I have not. But since Pizza Inn closed years ago, the best pizza going is Pizza Hut and it does need some improvements.

  • we used to have pizza pan donatos dominoes and gepettoes all in the same area. now they are all gone. only places that are around here now are like little cesears pizza hut papa johns and macros.
    but for some reason pizza hut lost its touch. it was the shit back in the day but now its average. i dont know if they changed something or if i just got older and got better taste buds

  • Pizza Hut? About 20 years ago, I visited my friends in Toronto…and decided to go out to eat. I love pizza…so….that's where we went. Well…..we all took a bite….and decided not to complain. We decided to eat elsewhere. Lost out on about $30. Shameful.

  • Pizza restaurants in india are not doing great because of their prices… Their prices are sky rocket high as compared to other food items

  • 6:45 So the founder of Papa Johns is racist and says the N word, so the company decides to make am advert full of black people. Great. Problem solved.

  • When you list every single pizza chain its clear that these brands aren't in trouble, this is just how franchises work.

  • People are really starting to dig into their local eateries. Especially when it comes to the pizza scene

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    Are usually only stick to my local pizza places. But holy shit I love Mr. Gatti’s

  • Pizza hut is disgusting. Fast food is a poison in this country. The chemicals in these foods fuck you up physically and mentally.

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